Post a job vacancy for RMIT Alumni

Post a job vacancy for RMIT Alumni

Employers, do you have a position to be filled?

Let our graduates and current students know...

If you're interested in recruiting our graduates, we can help you by making position descriptions available on our website. This page is frequented by both current students and the many RMIT alumni that have graduated from RMIT University Vietnam over the last 10+ years.

To post a position, please complete the job description form below in English. The job posting process might take up to 5 working days since the submission day before it appears on our website. Deadlines for applications should NOT be less than 15 days since the submission day.

If you have any questions, please email


  • For employers: RMIT Vietnam reserves the right to decline or remove posting of recruitment notices without prior notice.
  • For alumni/students: Hiring information posted on RMIT Vietnam’s website is purely on a for-information basis. RMIT Vietnam is not an advertising agency and shall not be responsible for the accuracy of information provided in such recruitment postings. RMIT Vietnam does not act for or on behalf of any employers, nor provide any labour recruitment services.

RMIT Vietnam will not advertise:

  • positions paid by commission
  • placements which require potential applicants to pay for the placement, whether the work is paid or voluntary
  • positions with payment by profit share
  • positions that offer less than minimum wages
  • casual or part time positions that do not offer positions that display hourly rate of pay or relevant award / job classification;
  • positions that offer any sort of "board in exchange" arrangement where the student receives accommodation as payment for work performed
  • positions that do not offer a genuine employment opportunity or those that require applicants to register with an organisation for possible opportunities;
  • positions offering payment by "piece rate" i.e. where payment is per product produced, per delivery, per sale made etc.
  • business opportunities and franchise ownership opportunities
  • pyramid schemes
  • work involving any illegal activity or that may pose a serious risk to workers. Any position where there may be safety concerns or jobs of questionable moral standards.
  • any work which requires the employee to purchase a product or service, or requires an application fee, registration fee, security deposit or similar as a condition of employment;
  • past record of incident concerning harassment of RMIT students, alumni, or staff
  • positions which discriminate with respect to: sex/gender, marital status, race/colour, age and disabilities
  • jobs for recruitment agencies on our public website.
  • jobs that do not comply with our teaching programs.
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