Office 365 FAQ

Office 365 FAQ

Outlook Email

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What will happen to my RMIT Gmail account?

Your RMIT Gmail account will stop receiving new email when we direct your address to Outlook. You can look for your old emails in Gmail after the migration. You just can’t use Gmail to send or receive new messages. You will still be able to access Google Drive and Documents using your RMIT email and password.

How do I change my profile picture in Outlook Email?

In Outlook Email, select ‘File’, ‘Settings’ then ‘Change’ (under the picture icon).

Will my Gmail signatures be moved across?

No, your signature will not come across. You will need to set it up again. To set up your signature in Outlook, open a sent email in Gmail and copy your signature. Next, open a new email in the ‘Insert’ tab. Next, select ‘Signatures’ and paste your signature in the dialogue box. It’s done!

Will I be able to access my old chat history?

Yes. Any chats saved in your conversation folder will come over to the Outlook’s ‘Conversations’ folder. Your chats will also still be available in Google Hangouts when you log in at with your RMIT credentials.

What will happen to my Gmail distribution groups?

We’re creating distribution groups as contacts in Outlook to keep track of large email lists, so you won’t need to use Google distribution groups anymore.

What will happen to my labels in Gmail?

All your labels will come across to Outlook and be renamed ‘folders’. Items with multiple labels in Gmail will be replicated in their respective Outlook ‘folders’. However, Outlook doesn’t have an equivalent to your ‘starred’ and ‘important’ tags, so ensure you’ve given them a label before the move so you can find them easily.

Will my contacts and contact groups be moved across?

Yes. All of your contacts and contact groups will be moved into Outlook.

In Gmail, I set up some mailbox rules. Will I need to reset them in Outlook Email?

Yes. You will need to recreate your mailbox rules in Outlook.

Will my Google Tasks come across?

No. Your Google tasks will not migrate to Outlook. You will need to set these up again.

Outlook Calendar

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Will my Google Calendar be migrated?

Yes. We’re migrating all your work-calendar invitations across to your Outlook Calendar.

Will calendar appointments come across to Outlook?

All calendar appointments will come across. Recurring appointments with fewer than 6 months of events will successfully move. If you have recurring appointments with no end date, or an end date more than 6 months in the future, we recommend you limit the number of recurrences before the migration.

What will happen to attachments in my Calendar?

They won’t migrate across to Outlook Calendar. Usually, the fastest way to retrieve the attachment will be to log in to your Google calendar and download it. If you have an attachment on a recurring meeting, you might want to to reattach it after the migration for the convenience of your invitees.

I have both personal and work Google calendars displayed together. What will happen to this when I migrate?

The migration will only bring across your calendar items from RMIT accounts. We will not move items in personal calendar to RMIT Outlook Calendar.

Where can I go for help?

For help please look for Office 365 Ambassadors in your area (they’ll be wearing O365 t-shirts and will be available closer to the date of migration).