FAQs for English students

FAQs for English students

Entry information

English placement tests

About the English for University program

Entry information

1. I'm worried that my English won't be good enough to get in.

RMIT Vietnam’s English for University program is suitable for students who do not have the required English levels for direct entry to a diploma or bachelor program. After you successfully complete the English program, you can directly enter one of our diploma or bachelor programs without having to take an IELTS Academic or TOEFL test.

2. What if I have an IELTS Academic or TOEFL score, but the results are not high enough to get direct entry to the University - will I have to take the placement test to study the English for University program?

You can enter the English for University program at the level equivalent to your IELTS Academic or TOEFL score. These scores are valid for one year for the English for University program. However, if your English skills appear to be below the level of your IELTS Academic or TOEFL score, you may be required to do a placement test.

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English placement tests

1. When should I take my placement test?

At any time. The result is valid for 6 months.

2. How much does an English placement test cost?

The fee is 360,000 VND.

3. How do I register for an English placement test?

You can book the placement test by phone or by visiting the University.

4. What if I don't get the result I wanted? Can I just do it again?

Yes, but you will need to wait three months before trying again. Make sure that in that time, you think about what you'll do differently next time.

5. What documents should I bring to the placement test?

You'll need to arrive at least 30 minutes before the test time and bring along the following documents:

  1. 1 notarised copy of your high school transcript
  2. 1 photocopy of your high school graduation certificate or the temporary certificate of high school graduation (with approval stamp)
  3. 1 photocopy of your ID card or passport with the visa page (original copy attached)
  4. Receipt/certificate of money transfer for test fees
  5. 2 photos 3x4
  6. Higher education application fee: 450,000 VND (if you also wish to apply for a higher education program)
  7. 1 copy of Certificate of Priority Enrolment (if applicable)

6. How long will the test last?

The test will include one writing essay (30 minutes), the Oxford Online Placement Test (OOPT)(up to 60 minutes) and a 10 to 15 minute face-to-face interview with a foreign instructor. The total time is between one and two hours. 

7. When will I hear the results?

You'll know before you go home!

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About theEnglish for University program

1. How long is the English for University program?

The program has seven levels: Beginner through to Advanced Plus. Each level lasts for 10 weeks except for Beginner, which runs for eight weeks.

When you apply to RMIT for the first time, you'll take a placement test to work out which is the best level for you to start in.

2. If I am in the English for University program, will I get all of the benefits that other RMIT Vietnam students get?

Absolutely – you are 100% part of the University community. You'll have access to career counselling, health services, academic skills advice, as well as all the fun stuff, such as the sport and recreational facilities, student clubs and student events.

3. How many students are there in one English class?

We like to keep our class sizes small so that the teachers can focus more on each student's needs. There are usually 18-20 students on average per class.

4. What does the schedule for English for University program look like?

Each course is 250 hours long (210 for Beginners). You'll be in class for four hours per day, five days a week. It's important to have this consistency and frequency of study when you're learning a language, and it will really help that you'll be immersed in an English speaking environment – it helps you learn faster. You'll also be expected to do 50 hours of independent study outside of class time to reinforce your learning.

5. What are the assessment methods for the English for University program?

At each level, you'll undertake ongoing assessment throughout the 10 weeks, and then undertake exams at the end. You'll be tested on all the language skills: speaking, listening, reading and writing.

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* If you're interested in teaching in our Academic English Programs, check out our FAQs about working at RMIT University Vietnam.