RMIT Vietnam Newsroom

RMIT Vietnam Newsroom

Recommendations for Vietnam’s equitisation of state-owned enterprises

News - 13 August, 2018

RMIT Vietnam researchers have recently concluded extensive research on Vietnam’s ongoing state-owned enterprise (SOE) equitisation, a process seen as a key step as the country continues to develop its economy.

Teachers awarded for preparing students for life and work

News - 13 August, 2018

Three outstanding teachers have won the RMIT Vietnam 2018 Excellence in Learning and Teaching Award for their exceptional contributions to student learning.

Expert comment on the equitisation of Vietnam’s state-owned enterprises

News - 10 August, 2018

Three senior researchers from RMIT Vietnam’s School of Business & Management are available to comment on the equitisation of Vietnam’s state-owned enterprises, based on the research report Moving Ahead: How to Accelerate SOE Equitisation in...

RMIT Vietnam holds first international economics research symposium

Media release - 08 August, 2018

The inaugural Vietnam International Economics Research Symposium, held today at RMIT Vietnam’s Saigon South campus, provided a platform for international academics to exchange research ideas and discuss economic policies to support economic growth...

RMIT Vietnam hosts Quoc Khanh Show episode on startups

News - 08 August, 2018

Last month, RMIT Vietnam hosted an episode of the Quoc Khanh Show with three RMIT-affiliated panellists sharing their expertise on the country’s startup industry.

Snooze mobiles: how vibrations in cars make drivers sleepy

News - 06 August, 2018

New research has found the natural vibrations of cars make people sleepier, affecting concentration and alertness levels just 15 minutes after drivers get behind the wheel.

To study abroad or at an international university in Vietnam

Media release - 30 July, 2018

At a recent roundtable discussion, experts discussed the choice that many parents in Vietnam are now faced with: to send their children abroad to study, or to keep them in Vietnam to study at an international university.

Graduates showcase entrepreneurial readiness

News - 27 July, 2018

RMIT Vietnam students graduate with the entrepreneurial skills and savvy needed to start their own business, regardless of the program they study.

RMIT alumnus helps business startups succeed

News - 27 July, 2018

Cao Quy Vu Anh, the founder of FundStart, aims to help other startups get funding, as well as be prepared and resilient.

Climbing the ShanghaiRanking ladder

News - 23 July, 2018

Engineering and Technology subjects were the stand-out performers in the 2018 ShanghaiRanking released last week.