RMIT Vietnam Newsroom

RMIT Vietnam Newsroom

International experts discuss emerging trends in healthcare, education, sustainability, and IT

Media release - 23 August, 2017

The event was hosted by RMIT University Vietnam, in conjunction with University of Medicine and Pharmacy at HCM City, and Pharma Group, and supported by the Australian Government.

The workforce for the 21st century

News - 23 August, 2017

Technology was a significant catalyst in increasing demand for a higher educated workforce, said Dr Henry O’Lawrence at the recent InSITE conference held at RMIT Vietnam.

Industry cooperation and mentoring key to maximising research

News - 11 August, 2017

RMIT Vietnam is continuing its push to encourage post-graduate research, and PhD candidates in the School of Science & Technology are helping to lead the way.

How to pave over our big butt problem

News - 10 August, 2017

Soon the footpath you walk on could be full of cigarette butts, instead of being littered with them.

Teachers awarded for creating transcendent learning experiences

News - 04 August, 2017

Three outstanding teachers presented with RMIT Vietnam’s prestigious annual Excellence in Learning and Teaching Awards for their aspirations to create truly transformative learning experiences for their students.

RMIT Vietnam to co-host first conference in Informing Science and IT Education

Media release - 27 July, 2017

The event will take place from 2 to 5 August 2017 at RMIT Vietnam with the presence of keynote speakers, presenters and delegates from around the world.

No more washing: nano-enhanced textiles clean themselves with light

News - 18 July, 2017

A spot of sunshine is all it could take to get your washing done, thanks to pioneering nano research into self-cleaning textiles at RMIT University.

Industry Advisory Board Boosts Industry Collaboration

News - 12 July, 2017

The Industry Advisory Board at RMIT Vietnam aims to provide insights from an industry perspective & help foster collaboration between industry & academia.

RMIT alumnus a pioneer in social media

News - 12 July, 2017

Vong Thanh Cuong, a member of RMIT Vietnam’s first graduate cohort in 2004, has been a major force in Vietnam’s social media sector.

Solar paint offers endless energy from water vapour

News - 05 July, 2017

Researchers have developed a solar paint that can absorb water vapour and split it to generate hydrogen – the cleanest source of energy.