RMIT Vietnam Newsroom

RMIT Vietnam Newsroom

Vietnam poised for success in global economy, says expert

News - 31 May, 2016

Vietnam’s economy is well-placed to take advantage of the growth of China & three significant trading agreements (TPP).

Management guru lectures at RMIT Vietnam

News - 28 April, 2016

An Australian expert in organisation studies recognised as one of the world’s top 200 management gurus has given two guest lectures at RMIT Vietnam.

Sensors technology provides smart safety solution for mining workers

News - 02 April, 2016

On-site safety in the mining industry is getting a smart technology boost, thanks to an innovative development from a team of RMIT and CSIRO researchers.

RMIT Vietnam lecturer’s research published in prestigious A-ranked journals

News - 29 March, 2016

Economics lecturer Dr Nguyen Vu Hong Thai has published his research on the effects of excess bank reserves in China in three A-ranking academic journals.

Researcher road tests best-selling textbook

News - 25 March, 2016

An RMIT Vietnam researcher has an opportunity to make many young academics green with envy – consulting for eminent academic publisher McGraw-Hill Education (Australia).

East/West divide diminishing in search for optimal business practices

News - 04 March, 2016

In this globalised business world some large corporations from eastern and western countries are adopting operating modes from each other’s cultures to gain an advantage, RMIT Vietnam researchers have found.

Research examines the value of restoring sight

News - 03 March, 2016

RMIT is working with The Fred Hollows Foundation to assess the full benefits of cataract removal and restoring sight in Vietnam.

Senior university women negotiating promotion hurdles

News - 17 February, 2016

Women in senior university positions in both Australian and Vietnamese universities experience similar barriers and supports in their career pathways, research by an RMIT Vietnam team has found.

International internships valuable for ASEAN job prospects, say uni students

News - 28 January, 2016

Vietnamese university students are keen to do an international internship as part of their studies to gain skills necessary for working in the ASEAN region, RMIT Vietnam researchers have found.

Research demystifies Vietnamese online personas on Facebook

News - 19 January, 2016

Around 36 million people do it - but how and why? RMIT researchers say that the Vietnamese people using social media fall into three distinct persona groups: the Outgoing Connector, the Reserved Trustor and the Threats Perceiver.