RMIT Vietnam Newsroom

RMIT Vietnam Newsroom

RMIT Vietnam hosts first Alumni Business Exhibitions

News - 15 May, 2018

RMIT Vietnam, in partnership with the Australia Alumni in Vietnam group, organised the inaugural Alumni Business Exhibition on 5 and 12 May in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, respectively.

Student uses humble upbringing to benefit community

News - 11 May, 2018

RMIT Vietnam student Nguyen Hoang Yen grew up in poverty, but through hard work and good education has transformed herself and her future.

RMIT Vietnam promotes reading culture

News - 24 April, 2018

As readers from more than 100 countries mark World Book Day on 23 April, book lovers from across the RMIT community reflect on the status of books in Vietnam and role of the University’s Library in promoting reading.

RMIT Vietnam lecturers lead innovative anti-littering efforts

Media release - 23 April, 2018

Two RMIT Vietnam lecturers are working to combat littering in the country through public programs and an innovative mobile app.

RMIT Vietnam to grant $1.5 million in 2018 scholarship program

Media release - 23 April, 2018

RMIT Vietnam will award 117 scholarships with a total value of $1.5 million (approximately 34 billion VND) for current and prospective students in 2018.

RMIT Vietnam wins Golden Dragon Award for 15th straight year

Media release - 16 April, 2018

By winning its 15th Golden Dragon Award, RMIT University Vietnam has affirmed its position as a driver of quality education.

New Head of School to focus on programs that support Vietnam’s growth

News - 16 April, 2018

Associate Professor Eric Dimla has been appointed Head of the School of Science & Technology at RMIT Vietnam.

RMIT's Industry Mentoring Program gives students an edge

News - 21 March, 2018

Guided by advice from industry mentors, RMIT Vietnam students start their career journey with a unique advantage.

Enhancing mental health in schools

News - 15 March, 2018

It’s vital for schools at all levels to provide quality mental health services to help students overcome difficulties in their studies and lives.

RMIT Vietnam lecturers examine feminist artworks by Vietnamese artists

News - 12 March, 2018

A group of RMIT Vietnam researchers are looking into the gender-based concerns of female Vietnamese artists in an effort to include voices from Vietnam in the global feminism discourse.