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RMIT Vietnam Newsroom

Lullaby machine shows tech in bed can help you rest

News - 15 August, 2019

The marriage of art and technology has created an immersive virtual reality (VR) experience that can ease you into the right frame of mind for sleep.

Embracing ‘Global Born’ concept to leverage digital economy

Media release - 12 August, 2019

Key stakeholders and thought leaders discussed how Vietnam’s economy can contribute to and reap the benefits from the global digital economy at the annual International Business Forum, organised by RMIT Vietnam’s School of Business & Management.

KOTO celebrates 20 years in Vietnam

News - 12 August, 2019

Vietnam’s first social enterprise, KOTO is celebrating 20 years in Vietnam helping disadvantaged children become educated and confident.

RMIT students explore crucial leadership skills

News - 07 August, 2019

Almost 100 students from RMIT University and four partner institutions across Asia and Australia gathered in Hanoi early this month to explore global issues facing organisations and societies.

The importance of mentorship

News - 02 August, 2019

Imagine leaving the comforts of home, the love of family and the familiarity of a country you grew up in to move to an island without hot water, the internet or permanent housing. And while on this island, you decide to take on the biggest challenge...

3D-printed spine disc ‘has given me my whole world back’

News - 29 July, 2019

An industry collaboration between surgeons and engineers has been recognised for its life-changing impact.

Experts discuss Asian shipping and logistics in Industry 4.0

News - 23 July, 2019

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is bringing tremendous opportunities for shipping and logistics in Asia, particularly in Vietnam said international experts at a recent panel discussion hosted by RMIT Vietnam.

Alumnus blazes financial journalism trail

News - 23 July, 2019

Nguyen Thi Nam Phuong, a 2014 RMIT Vietnam graduate in Professional Communication, has spent the last five years learning the ropes of financial journalism in Ho Chi Minh City.

Women’s Empowerment Club creates greater community impact in HCMC

News - 15 July, 2019

Dedicated to empowering women and creating positive change in Ho Chi Minh City from conception, the Women’s Empowerment Club (WEC) has expanded its role to include hands-on community projects to make an immediate impact on a larger scale.

Smart homes a broad opportunity for students

News - 15 July, 2019

As Vietnam’s economy continues to boom and incomes increase, residential developments in major urban areas such as Ho Chi Minh City are becoming ever more upscale.