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The Year in Review

Sunday, December 23, 2012 - 11:41
2012 has been a big year at RMIT University Vietnam
Professor Joyce Kirk-President of RMIT University Vietnam
Zombie Flashmob as part of a student-run stress-management campaign at RMIT University Vietnam
SIFE team in front of the White House, Washington DC
RMIT University Vietnam networking event
Club Day at Saigon South campus
Nguyen Ngoc Khue Tram - Bachelor of Commerce (Marketing) at Graduation 2012 at Saigon South campus
RMIT University Vietnam's men team competing at the Basketball League 2012
RMIT University Vietnam's newest academic building is open for business

As one of the largest and most dynamic international universities in the region, RMIT University Vietnam has a reputation to uphold. A reputation for being an exceptional education provider. A reputation for its close relationships with industry that is fast filling with RMIT Vietnam alumni. A reputation as a University in which students don't just learn facts; they learn skills, abilities and a sense of inner confidence that they may not have started their university experience with, but they certainly leave with it.

As 2012 draws to a close, we examine the many ways that RMIT is living up to its reputation in the region.

Student Awards and Honours

Our students have excelled this year in more ways than one. As national champions in competitions both sporting and business related, our students have travelled to Hong Kong, the United States, Sri Lanka, the Philippines, Australia and more. Mixing it up with the best of the best that the world has to offer, RMIT Vietnam students showed that they had what it took to succeed in the global village.

"The team from RMIT showed that they were truly world class," said Auvarin Phor, the head of People, Performance and Culture for world-wide accounting firm KPMG, following the team's placement in the top three of the international championships of their case study competition. "I know that everyone at KPMG in Vietnam, RMIT University Vietnam, as well as the rest of the country is extremely proud of their achievements."

Student Council

2012 saw the induction of the inaugural Student Council at RMIT Vietnam, a body with the stated purpose to "advance the education, welfare, social life and cultural activities of students at RMIT Vietnam".

Three of the Student Council members were sponsored this year to travel and present at a conference in Sydney, before spending a week working with their counterparts at RMIT Melbourne.

New Academic Building

This year also saw the opening of our newest Academic Building, AB2, an exciting, $20 million USD addition to the campus that provides new classrooms, lecture theatres and communal study spaces for all students.

"The architecture of the new building, in many ways, reflects the student's journey at RMIT, with the central red staircase reflecting the students aspirations as they move through their journey at the University," said Neil Martin, Director of Property Services at RMIT Vietnam.

"It's actually an incredible space, really inspirational."

Industry Connections and Alumni

RMIT University Vietnam is well known for its strong connections with industry, and 2012 has seen a strengthening of these bonds that can only bode well for our students.

We've established new strategic partnerships and provided workforce development training to banks, law enforcement agencies, scholarship winners bound for study in Australia, and a range of organisations from other corporate sectors.

We've worked with industry partners to ensure that our programs are developed to meet industry needs.

Our alumni have networked, provided guest lectures and mentoring to current students, and supported the University throughout 2012. In July, the RMIT Vietnam chapter of the Golden Key International Honour Society - an organisation developed to help connect the world's top alumni - was awarded the first ever Key Chapter Award ahead of 400 other chapters around the world for their outstanding achievements in academic and leadership excellence and community services.


Our academics have been busy this year exploring the intricacies of Vietnam and the region in a range of fields. We've hosted several seminars, forums and conferences, and our academics have presented at conferences all over the world.

RMIT University was proud to announce the results from the Australian Research Council's Excellence in Research for Australia report, in which we improved our results in 15 of our key disciplines compared to 2010, bringing the number of our fields rated 'at or above world standards' of research up to 28.

Campus Life

Of course, part of what makes us special as a university is the ability to make every day an interesting and memorable experience. Student club events and on-campus activities like the city-wide Marketing Challengers competition, a Health and Wellbeing Fair, an inter-university basketball competition and a zombie flashmob have ensured that students have made the most of their 2012 university experience, in and outside the classroom.

Where were you for 2012? In 2013, make sure you're here with us, at RMIT University Vietnam.