RMIT Vietnam NewsWhat makes every day Valentine's Day?

What makes every day Valentine's Day?

Friday, January 19, 2018 - 16:09

It might be something as simple as an everyday act of caring, according to RMIT Vietnam students who conducted a ten-week research project for Wipro Unza Group, a manufacturer of leading brands across Asia. 

Students from the Market Research and Market Intelligence courses were asked by Wipro Unza Group to conduct large-scale research for their popular brands Romano and Enchanteur. Their task was to identify the acts which people find to be the most romantic, as well as the characteristics of an impressive man. According to the students, the most desired romantic acts occur daily, such as going for a walk or staying home to share a meal. As for the characteristics of an impressive man, the groups emphasised personality such as sincerity, competence and excitement and looks.

RMIT Vietnam Associate Lecturer Nguyen Thi Huong Giang said that the students had completed a real and actionable project for an actual client.

Outlining the work that the students did, Ms Giang explained: “Fourteen student groups conducted preliminary focus groups and/or in-depth interviews to have a first-hand understanding of the market before designing questionnaires and gathering data set.”

“Each group did field work for two weeks, contributing to findings from a total sample size of more than 1300.

“Although the data might be shared, each group still interpreted it differently based on their own data set.”

Wipro Unza Group Media and Market Research Manager Le Thi Thanh Khanh was impressed with the students’ work and research interpretation.

Simple daily acts of caring were considered the most romantic, according to RMIT Vietnam students who conducted a six-week long research project for Wipro Unza Group.

“The findings exceeded my expectations,” Ms Khanh said.

“It’s impossible for an agency to do all this work in just six weeks.”

Ms Khanh said that she would share the findings with her brand team to further explore potential possibilities.

And it was not only the industry representative who was impressed with the research activities.

Phan Le Vang Anh, a Bachelor of Commerce student who presented at the final session, was thrilled with the real-world activities and authentic assessment involved in the course.

“All the theories that we learnt from the beginning of the semester [that we did not fully understand] have become understandable and applicable through our journey from in-depth interview to field work interview, and from focus group to data reading,” Vang Anh said.

Story: Hoang Ha