RMIT Vietnam NewsStudents guided towards the right career

Students guided towards the right career

Monday, November 7, 2016 - 09:55

At RMIT Vietnam, students are not alone in their journey to choose the right university major and to find the right career.

The University provides students with career support from before they enrol until the day they graduate and afterwards, giving them the skills and experience to build a fulfilling career.

Comprehensive career guidance services

Many students in Vietnam face a common problem: a poorly implemented orientation program in high school and university leads to a poor choice of university major which then results in an inappropriate career and possibly unemployment.

To help students avoid this problem, the RMIT Vietnam Careers and Employability Service department works with students one-on-one, its career experts guiding students through these life decisions.

RMIT Vietnam offers one-on-one career orientation consultation.

The students, together with career experts, evaluate job descriptions to discover their dream jobs and then prepare a course of action to gain the knowledge and skills to reach their goals.  

“When students actively reach out, they will receive support from our experts to polish up their CV,” said Phoenix Ho, Manager, Career Support and Advisory.

“This helps to highlight their strengths and distinguish them from others during job application.

“Career Support and Advisory also organises mock job interviews with representatives from the University so that students can practice and improve interview skills.”

Throughout the year the University organises a number of other activities to help students develop employability skills and expand their network.

Personal Edge+, a co-curricular program, enables students to develop the right skills to impress future employers.

Students can also attend Career Week, Career Expo, and other networking events to connect to employers.

Students play key role

Phoenix Ho – the author of the book Just go - the path will become your way, a collection of reflections and experiences from her tenure as a career counselor at RMIT Vietnam – emphasises the importance of students being proactive in their career search.

Phoenix advises students to actively search for useful information online and to participate in workshops and events organised by the university.

RMIT Vietnam Careers and Employability Service organises Career Expos to connect students and future employers.

At any time, students can also approach the University’s experts to have one-on-one consultations.

“One-on-one consultations are a chance for students to explore themselves, their passions, and the fields that are compatible with their capabilities,” Phoenix said.

Students are encouraged to join volunteer activities and student clubs, as well as to take on part-time jobs.

These activities help students acquire leadership, time management, communication, and teamwork skills, as well as develop a responsible and proactive attitude towards work.

“Everything we do is about getting students ready for life and work,” Phoenix concluded.

This year, as RMIT celebrates its 15th Anniversary in Vietnam, the Careers and Employability Service is in its seventh year of providing comprehensive career development and employment service for students.

The Semester 3 Career Expo will take place in both Hanoi and Saigon South this Friday 11 November. Make sure you come and make the most of it.

Story: Van Doan