RMIT Vietnam NewsStaying ahead of emerging technology

Staying ahead of emerging technology

Tuesday, November 21, 2017 - 16:41

As tech giants like Apple, Google and Facebook join the “reality technologies” game, RMIT Vietnam students are following suit by gaining experience in virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and mixed reality (MR).

This is being made possible by RMIT Vietnam’s state-of-the-art Mixed Reality Studio, a multidisciplinary environment which allows students to research and develop VR, AR and MR projects.  

Professor Gretchen Wilkins, Head of RMIT Vietnam’s Design Department, emphasised the importance of focusing on Mixed Reality in all Design programs as those skills will be in high demand in the very near future. 

“The creative industry in Vietnam – and the world – is rapidly changing,” said Professor Wilkins.

“We see tremendous growth in the application of virtual and augmented reality across digital media, film, fashion, architecture and communication, so we are integrating these technologies into our design teaching.

“We believe this approach will help our students be ready for their careers ahead.”

A student experiences the VR technology at RMIT Vietnam’s Mixed Reality Studio.

Associate Lecturer Ondris Pui teaches the University’s Digital Media Specialisation course, and believes it’s important for future innovators to be equipped with a strong foundation in AR and VR technologies.

“The course itself is a mix of science, technology, art, and mathematics,” Mr Pui said.

“Students work on their own projects with minimum supervision. They have to find their own solutions for the products they want to work on.

“Every student came up with different solutions; some did simulation for therapy, others did games or explored more visual arts.

“When it’s time to go out to the industry, our students will have gained extra skills and been exposed to emerging technology.”

On 3 December RMIT Vietnam will host an international virtual reality event intended to showcase the use of VR in the visual arts.

Story: Hoang Ha