RMIT Vietnam NewsRMIT Vietnam ultimate team at Singapore Ultimate Open 2009

RMIT Vietnam ultimate team at Singapore Ultimate Open 2009

Thursday, September 10, 2009 - 16:11

This year, RMIT Vietnam was in pool A and competed with top teams of Asia such as Freakshow, Kidlat, Soidawgz, Disc Knight and India.

All the opponent teams had advantages over RMIT Vietnam in both experiences and fitness.

Consequently, RMIT Vietnam lost all the matches on the first day of the competition. However, the team earned respect from its opponents as well as audience by displaying very high spirit.

The second day was even tougher than the first - RMIT Vietnam had to compete with such skillful teams as Flying Naan and SMU. Both teams had defeated RMIT Vietnam in the Singapore Open 2007.

RMIT Vietnam finally ranked 19 out of 24 teams.

Although RMIT Vietnam was not a high-ranking team, captain Trieu Dinh Nam was awarded an individual prize as one of the 7 best players of the tournament and was voted into Majestic 7 in Dream Team Singapore Open 2009.

RMIT Vietnam Ultimate team members gained a lot of experiences through this competition to be better prepared for coming events.

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