RMIT Vietnam NewsRMIT Vietnam English teachers on task at conference in Osaka, Japan

RMIT Vietnam English teachers on task at conference in Osaka, Japan

Friday, July 6, 2012 - 17:13
Group photo of Fiona Wiebusch, Carla Bridge, Travis Henry and Danny Green (left to right)
Dan Ruelle presenting at the conference

Five English teachers from RMIT International University Vietnam presented this month at the inaugural "Task-based Learning & Teaching in Asia Conference", hosted by the University of Central Lancashire (UK) and the Japan Association of Language Teachers (JALT) at Shoin Women's University in Osaka, Japan.

The presenters were Carla Bridge, Danny Green, Travis Henry, Fiona Wiebusch and Daniel Ruelle.

The RMIT Vietnam presentations stem from classroom-based research conducted over the last six months. Topics included 'Using Google Education Apps to encourage post-task reflection' (Danny Green), 'Keeping it real – Implementing a task-integrated curriculum in an English for Academic Purposes (EAP) program in Vietnam' (Fiona Wiebusch & Carla Bridge), 'Critical reading circles: Role-based intensive reading to facilitate critical thinking' (Dan Ruelle), and 'Using Task-based learning to inspire student reflection' (Travis Henry).

Task-based learning allows students to use, build and develop meaningful language in order to achieve the goal of completing a 'task'. It is the teaching methodology that is currently regarded as best practice in language learning and teaching.

The Academic English Program teachers at RMIT Vietnam have fully embraced this methodology and developed some highly refined teaching techniques to implement the Task-based learning approach to language teaching and learning.

"The theme of the conference was 'Challenges and Opportunities for Innovative Practice' so it was really gratifying to have our work at RMIT Vietnam acknowledged at the conference," said Fiona Wiebusch, Coordinator Professional Learning, English Language Program.

"Task-based learning and teaching is now the mainstay of our curriculum in the Academic English Program, so we were delighted to be able to share our experience and expertise with other colleagues in the field and to learn from their experiences," she added.

The Director of RMIT English language programs, Rod Gillett said: "The fact that so many of our team were accepted to present at the event reassures what we are doing here at RMIT Vietnam really is world's best practice.

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