RMIT Vietnam NewsRMIT Vietnam champions of 2015

RMIT Vietnam champions of 2015

Thursday, December 24, 2015 - 10:25
Nguyen Le Minh Nhut, CEO and founder of Outside the Box, which runs fast food restaurant Mr Potato
The first collection of letôi shop
The Dementia film-making team: Le Minh Phuoc, Phan Ngoc Lan, Tong Anh Lin, Vu Nguyen Vuong Linh.

At the end of 2015 RMIT Vietnam takes pride in the year’s achievements - and the best evidence is in our students and alumni.

It’s been another year of our graduates showing they are the cream of the crop in proving they are great entrepreneurs, top employees and achievers in further education.

And current students have cruised to glory in areas from movie making to creating advertising campaigns – and winning scholarships!

Here they are, RMIT Vietnam’s top 10 alumni and student champions according to our website readers:

1. Three top alumni food businesses: Mr Potato, Beets and Taco Cart (link)

2. RMIT Vietnam’s Kings of Coffee – three alumni headed for success in Vietnam’s coffee industry (link)

3. “Outstanding critical thinkers” win 2015 Unilever Fresh scholarships (link)

4. Nguyen Ngoc Tram Anh’s start-up Living Juice wows the crowds (link)

5. Nguyen Vu Minh Quan’s Sunny Farm fascinates business students (link)

6. Online tote bag business letôi does hot business after student launch (link)

7. First RMIT Vietnam alumnus wins IPRS-PhD scholarship to complete his doctorate (link)

8. “We’re a top team,” say Multi-media Design students of their first movie (link)

9. CMA scholarship winner wants to foster innovation in Vietnamese business (link)

10. Student advertising campaign revives younger generation interest in HCMC history (link)