RMIT Vietnam NewsRMIT students explore crucial leadership skills

RMIT students explore crucial leadership skills

Wednesday, August 7, 2019 - 15:45

Almost 100 students from RMIT University and four partner institutions across Asia and Australia gathered in Hanoi early this month to explore global issues facing organisations and societies.

Almost 100 students from RMIT University and four partner institutions participated in the Global Leadership Experience this year.

The four-day Global Leadership Experience is part of the Global Leadership Programs designed to develop student leadership styles and improve cultural intelligence skills through a range of programs both on campus and online. The program first began in 2017 at RMIT University in Melbourne.

RMIT Global Experiences Manager Kate Rintoul said that genuine leadership skills are among the most difficult qualities to find in a potential employee. “The capacity to knit together a cohesive team, to invite contributions and consider opinions without being swayed by strong personalities, to build connections across an organisation, across cultural boundaries, all of these are invaluable attributes, essential to any workplace seeking future candidates for management,” she said.

“By participating in Global Leadership Programs, students can grow their leadership skills, build their networks, learn to work in global teams, and develop real skills to take into the workplace.”

The Global Leader Experience is delivered by the UK-based not-for-profit Common Purpose, a leadership development organisation that specialises in cross-boundary leadership. This year, participants learned how to ensure that technological innovation delivers value to both society and the economy in cities.

Students working in groups and developing solutions in response to the proposed challenge.

After the first day, which involved learning about personal leadership styles, participants spent the following two days exploring the world and the process of innovation though field trips and meetings with industry leaders. On the last day of the program, students worked in small, diverse groups to develop solutions in response to the proposed challenge.

The free program was also held at the University’s Saigon South campus in June, and welcomed 150 students from Singapore, Hong Kong, China, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, England and students from RMIT’s campuses in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi.

This year’s program includes seven onsite events in Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong and Vietnam, as well as five 'Be CQ Ready' courses on a free online module designed to enhance cultural intelligence skills.

The two Global Leadership Experiences held at RMIT Vietnam’s campuses will be followed by the Global Leadership Forum this November in Ho Chi Minh City.