RMIT Vietnam NewsRMIT student flourishing at elite U.S. business school

RMIT student flourishing at elite U.S. business school

Monday, February 6, 2017 - 10:04

When Mai Duc Hieu decided to take part in an exchange program for the first semester of his senior year, it didn’t take long for him to choose his desired school.

He picked up a brochure for prospective exchange students at the RMIT Vietnam campus, saw Babson College listed, and applied.

Babson, located outside of Boston, Massachusetts, is regularly ranked among the best business schools in America. Over the last 30 years the U.S. News & World Report has consistently ranked it as the top college for entrepreneurship education in the country.

Hieu explained that he first heard about the school from a lecturer at RMIT Vietnam.

“One year ago I took a global entrepreneurship course and my lecturer mentioned it,” Hieu shared over Skype. Once Hieu learned that he could study at Babson, “it was my first choice for the exchange program,” he said.

Bachelor of Business (International Business) student Mai Duc Hieu is on exchange at one of the top schools in America for entrepreneurship.

Thus far Hieu has greatly enjoyed his time at the college, where he is exposed to thought processes and courses that students can’t find in Vietnam.

“At Babson there is a methodology for entrepreneurial thought and action incorporated into everything,” he said.

“It encourages taking action and valuing trial and error, as well as failure, and when we face a challenge we know how to gather resources by teaming up with partners and providing support.”

Hieu is pursuing a Bachelor of Business (International Business) degree with a minor in entrepreneurship, and his four courses at Babson suit these fields.

His classes at Babson have opened his eyes to new ways of understanding entrepreneurship.

“At first I thought we should focus on commercial success, but now at Babson I know there must be a balance between economic and societal value,” he shared.

“What is the contribution that entrepreneurs make to society?”

Other students at the college have also helped Hieu expand his way of thinking.

“The students…have the ability to be self-aware of their abilities, and working with them is a good way to learn,” he offered.

“Most of them have a mindset of entrepreneurship so when they see a problem they have the ability to make things better in a creative way.”

Story: Michael Tatarski