RMIT Vietnam NewsRMIT Graduate excels in Music Club leadership role

RMIT Graduate excels in Music Club leadership role

Thursday, December 14, 2017 - 17:59

Van Tu Minh, who graduated from RMIT Vietnam with a Bachelor of Business (Marketing) degree last month, demonstrated both her passion for the arts and her leadership skills during her time at the University.

Minh, who ended up heading RMIT Vietnam’s Music Club as president, didn’t expect to become a leader when she began her studies.

“I was innocent and shy, and not very social, so I struggled to network and make conversation with people,” she shares. “When I became president I had to network with a lot of people, and I had to be the leader of many people younger than me, and also sometimes people older than me.”

Van Tu Minh received a testamur for the Bachelor of Business (Marketing) degree at graduation ceremonies at RMIT Vietnam’s Saigon South campus last month.

This helped her to become more confident, and also prepared her for life after graduation. She now has a full-time job.

“Because I learned how to be proactive with the drama and music clubs, when it comes to the real world I know how to deal with people, how to deal with staff, reports, presentations and how to know about my boss,” she says.

“It’s kind of similar to when I was the leader [of the Music Club]. I know what they expect from a young employee, so I know what I can do to satisfy their demands and their expectations of me.”

Minh has a passion for the arts and was President of the Music Club.

Before joining the Music Club as a vocalist, Minh was a scriptwriter for the Drama Club, where she also became Director of Drama. As president of Music Club, she had a wide range of responsibilities.

“I had to cover almost everything, from human resources and finance to negotiating with clients and sponsors, as well as representatives of the student life department to put on events,” she says.

Even though Minh isn’t working in the arts at the moment, her passion for the field remains strong.

“Singing and performing on stage is one of my biggest passions,” she shares. “Deep down I really want to follow that dream to be a singer, to be an artist, but it’s hard. I just love art so much.”

Story: Michael Tatarski