RMIT Vietnam NewsA passion for STEM

A passion for STEM

Thursday, November 15, 2018 - 15:09

RMIT Vietnam’s 2018 Woman in Technology Scholarship recipient Nguyen Thi Thuy Tien and President’s Scholarship recipient Nguyen Quoc Cuong are emerging tech talents who share common traits.

Pushing boundaries

Nguyen Thi Thuy Tien, RMIT Vietnam’s 2018 Woman in Technology scholarship recipient, has enrolled in the Bachelor of Engineering (Software Engineering)(Honours) program.

Nguyen Thi Thuy Tien, a graduate of Le Hong Phong High School for the Gifted, impresses everyone she meets with her passion for information technology.

“I learned coding myself from online materials, then I tried to learn about things like security vulnerabilities and cyber threats on popular IT forums,” she said.

Her decision to pursue a Bachelor of Engineering (Software Engineering)(Honours) followed by a career in cybersecurity has helped her break through the invisible boundaries that normally hold back young women who are considering entering this field. Her family worried as their daughter had committed herself to a male-dominant industry. However, Tien’s passion and confidence has helped them overcome their apprehension.

“As a female, I have qualities that male colleagues are weak on,” she said.

“Organisations in the IT industry are currently promoting gender balance in the field, and RMIT Vietnam’s Woman in Technology Scholarship proves that.”

Nguyen Thi Thuy Tien, RMIT Vietnam’s 2018 Woman in Technology scholarship recipient, has enrolled in the Bachelor of Engineering (Software Engineering)(Honours) program.

Nguyen Quoc Cuong, a graduate of the Ha Noi - Amsterdam High School for the Gifted, possesses a strong passion for engineering. With the support of his mother, an educator who believes in authentic learning, Cuong has actively participated in numerous STEM activities since his time in secondary school.

“Engineering allows me to see and experience the products I create, as well as to interact with other teammates during the process of creation,” Cuong said of the joy he feels when working on engineering projects.

At the age of 16, Cuong represented Vietnam at international competitions such as the International Junior Science Olympiad in Korea, Israeli Robotics Camp in Israel and the FIRST Robotics Competition in Australia.

“The 2016 Israeli Robotics Camp was very meaningful to my journey,” Cuong recalled.

“For a whole month, we were not given any frameworks or guidelines to follow. We were instead encouraged to let our knowledge and creativity lead our robot creation. We had to be very focused and committed every day to complete our assignment.”

Though still young, Cuong is already an active contributor to community activities that boost STEM development. He was the lead mentor in both the Robotics Camp for Hearing-impaired Children and the GART Summer Robotics Camp. He also campaigned for his robot-creating courses and successfully received sponsorship from the American Centre.

Pursuing big dreams

Cuong and Tien’s big dreams keep them moving forward, continuously pushing their boundaries.

In his scholarship application to RMIT Vietnam, Cuong shared his dream to create agricultural solutions to increase productivity and free farmers from manual labour.

“I realised that pursuing science and technology can help create positive changes for Vietnam’s agricultural sector in particular, and the country’s economy in general. Studying Bachelor of Engineering (Software Engineering)(Honours) at RMIT Vietnam is my first step to come close to that dream,” he said.

Quoc Cuong with his family at the Scholarship Presentation Ceremony

For Thuy Tien, the vision of a developed cybersecurity landscape for Vietnam fuels her efforts.

“I hope in the near future, more and more companies in Vietnam will pay attention to system and network security, as well as cybersecurity for end-users. I hope to be a part of creating that future,” Tien shared.

Thuy Tien and her mother at the Scholarship Presentation Ceremony

Tien and Cuong represent a young generation that is active, tech-savvy and committed to big dreams, not only for themselves, but also for society.

RMIT Vietnam scholarships recognise their dreams and offer support on their journey to boost the country’s science and engineering development.

Story: Thanh Phuong