RMIT Vietnam NewsPassion to make an impact drives scholarship recipients

Passion to make an impact drives scholarship recipients

Monday, November 12, 2018 - 15:53

They came from different cities and towns and arrived with their own unique journeys to share, but this year’s seven President’s Scholar recipients all had one thing in common: they embody RMIT’s core values.

Here are three of the seven 2018 scholarship recipients.

Described by her teacher as the “single most accomplished and hardworking student” she has ever taught, Ho Bao Ngoc is a young woman from rural Southern Vietnam who strives to make a positive impact on the world.

Known for her “confidence, easy going nature and kind heart”, Ngoc’s fierce motivation to accomplish her goals was moulded by her childhood, where she witnessed many generations of families “born into” a career. Her choice to study a Bachelor of Communication (Professional Communication) at the University’s Saigon South campus came from these experiences, and she hopes to build a philanthropic organisation which focuses on helping impoverished and illiterate children from remote communities.

“In [my] rigorous high school curriculum, I took advantage of every chance to improve as an independent, ambitious, curious and enthusiastic leader. It’s been challenging and requires sacrifice, yet it all contributes to where I am now. I’m the first person in my family to attend an international university,” Ngoc said.

“Because I come from a small town, I hope to inspire other students with my enthusiasm, dedication and fearless approach to life’s obstacles. I look forward to making my goals a reality at RMIT Vietnam.”

Tran Viet Phuong sees education as the “most transcendent gift” that one person can ever receive, as it gives people the freedom to explore possibilities for their future. She also greatly values the role of public relations within communities; the profession knows how to communicate important messages to make lasting impacts and build connective relationships.

“At RMIT, I want to hone my content creation skills by [studying] the Bachelor of Communication (Professional Communication) [in Hanoi]. I am very eager to leverage the PR knowledge... to even build my own brand someday,” Phuong said.

Ms Phuong loves connecting with people and sharing experiences, and she looks forward to university events, initiating projects and participating in university programs and workshops.

“I am determined to foster the same school spirit and fun for RMIT the way I did for my high school,” she said.

After graduating from HNUE High School for Gifted Students, Ngo Viet Dung chose to pursue an English teaching degree, but his extracurricular activities made him realise that his passion actually lies in the art and entertainment industry. It was that passion coupled with a lot of research that led Dung to RMIT’s Bachelor of Design Studies, where he knew he would be able to “develop creative thinking with a hands-on learning approach”.

His ultimate goal is to work with international artists and join the movement of designers who are making Vietnamese designs popular around the world. He believes RMIT Vietnam is a perfect environment to help build his knowledge and climb the career ladder.

“Above all, there is one factor that really makes RMIT outstanding, which is the global connection,” Dung said.

“Not only are Vietnamese studying here, but there are also students from all over the world gathering in RMIT. I am so excited to immerse myself in such a multicultural environment where I can be more open-minded and enjoy student life to the fullest.

“I am still on the way to being the best version of myself. There might be obstacles ahead but I’m not afraid anymore, because now I know I have RMIT with me on this journey.”

RMIT Vietnam President Professor Gael McDonald emphasised the importance of the RMIT scholarship program, to ensure that talented Vietnamese students had the opportunity to excel through an international standard of higher education.

“It’s integral to innovation and progression that students who are motivated to study have access to schools that will support them to grow, prosper and achieve their goals,” Professor McDonald said.

“We are committed to supporting young people in Vietnam and look forward to watching our new students’ journeys.”

RMIT’s President’s Scholars awards recognise exceptional students who have demonstrated community leadership while at high school. They also form part of the University’s commitment to make education accessible globally. These fully funded scholarships allow talented and motivated students to study an RMIT degree of their choice, and participate in programs to prepare them for future leadership. The recipients are chosen based on a number of criteria including their embodiment of the University’s core values: passion, impact, inclusion, agility, courage and imagination.

Story: Lisa Humphries