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Open for business

Wednesday, October 10, 2012 - 16:47
The waiting is over - RMIT Vietnam's newest addition is open for business
The construction workers are ready to hang up their hats
Facilities in AB2 are state of the art

After five years and more than a million man-hours in the design and construction, RMIT University Vietnam’s flagship new building welcomes its first students.

The outer design of the new Academic Building 2 (AB2) on RMIT University Vietnam’s Saigon South Campus is certainly striking. From a vantage point in which you can appreciate all of its dramatic scope, it looks like a more traditionally-shaped building riven through diagonally by a giant shaft of folded, red-coloured steel.

Taking in the impressive detail of the structure, it is difficult to imagine the empty field covered in patchy grass and weeds that the site was only two years ago. The more than 1000 people, from designers, architects, engineers and other technical and construction workers from Vietnam and around the world who have toiled on the project have all contributed to a significant achievement.

On Monday 15 October it was some of RMIT University Vietnam’s English-language program students who had the first opportunity to enjoy the fruits of all this hard work as they attended classes in AB2 on the first day of the new semester.

Initially, it is the facilities on the ground floor of the six-level structure (including basement parking area) which have opened for students and staff. The remaining levels will be progressively occupied over the next month.

RMIT University Vietnam President Professor Joyce Kirk began her new role in time to see the finishing touches be put on AB2. “It is a really remarkable building, and I feel it very much represents RMIT University ’s commitment to Vietnam and to being a global institution,” she said.

Representing an investment of more than US$20 million and featuring teaching spaces, staff accommodation and specialist facilities, AB2 has been designed in line with Australian five-star ‘Green Building’ standards.

The 14,400 square metres across the six levels will host up to 1100 students at any one time, studying programs as Commerce and English-language. There are also student study areas, social and cafeteria spaces.

Director of Property Services Neil Martin said it was a team effort that brought about such a successful result.

“The design teams have done a great job articulating the vision for Academic Building 2, which a highly motivated project team have taken up and tirelessly driven to completion,” he said.

The Saigon South campus reception desk and student recruitment office is also now located on the ground floor of AB2. Here, visitors can find out more information about the University’s programs or sign-up for a campus tour.

The official opening ceremony for Academic Building 2 will take place in 2013.