RMIT Vietnam NewsNew book shows how to gain and keep customer loyalty

New book shows how to gain and keep customer loyalty

Friday, April 27, 2018 - 15:22

A new business book co-authored by RMIT Vietnam School of Communication & Design lecturer Bennett McClellan details a clear, actionable formula for generating and sustaining customer loyalty.

A new book from RMIT Vietnam Lecturer Bennett McClellan provides a formula for generating and sustaining customer loyalty.

The book, Capturing Loyalty: How to Measure, Generate and Profit from Highly Satisfied Customers, co-written with John Larson, is the result of a collaboration between two veteran management consultants that spanned five years of data collection and analysis.

“John Larson, the senior partner at a firm specialising in helping clients increase their growth and profitability by improving the loyalty of the costumers they serve, has worked to address such questions for more than 20 years,” Dr McClellan shared.

“What John’s professional practice and research shows is that customer loyalty is only created when you satisfy a customer’s expectations every time you have contact with a customer.”

This became the concept behind the book. Customer loyalty is satisfaction guaranteed, every time you have contact with your best customers.

In the first chapter, Dr McClellan examines the gap between true loyalty and loyalty based on initial delight.

“The difference between someone who says they are generally pleased with the goods or services you provide and someone who says they are very pleased on a loyalty scale is usually worth about a 40 per cent difference in terms of lifetime significance,” Dr McClellan explained. “High customer satisfaction has little to do with delight. It may be part of a loyalty program if your customers expect it, but it’s hard to expect delight every time.”

“Generating and maintaining customer loyalty requires a business operator to deliver exactly what customers expect, each and every time,” he adds.

Through the book’s 15 chapters, Dr McClellan and Mr Larson write in a straightforward voice that will appeal to businesspeople while sharing new insights.

“We describe the payouts for eliminating customer-perceived risks, the process for finding those risks and the method for determining which risks matter the most,” Dr McClellan said.

“We share our findings about what it takes to identify and eliminate perceived customer risk and to craft a risk-free customer satisfaction strategy. We also provide insights derived from working with business leaders who have fully embraced what it takes to create risk-free customer loyalty.”

Dr McClellan believes that the ideas presented in the book can benefit a business of any size, or with almost any kind of products and services.

“If you want customers to willingly and consistently give you their trade, eliminate the risks of doing business with you,” he concluded.

Dr McClellan introduced his book to students, staff and media at an event on World Book Day 23 April.


Bennett McClellan is an academic, author, executive coach and management consultant with a global practice. Bennett earned his PhD from the Peter F. Drucker Graduate School of Management at Claremont Graduate University, his MBA with high distinction from Harvard Business School, and his MFA from UCLA’s School of Theater, Film and Television. He is also the author of The Total Question Workout: The Complete Guide to Asking Better Questions to Get Better Answers for Running Your Business or Your Life as well as many articles on various topics. He is now teaching a range of courses related to creative media at RMIT Vietnam’s School of Communication & Design.

Story: Ha Hoang