RMIT Vietnam NewsA journey of belonging

A journey of belonging

Friday, November 24, 2017 - 10:24

At RMIT Vietnam, helping freshmen find a sense of belonging in their new university environment is a priority. Nguyen Minh Dang Khoa, a new Bachelor of Business (International Business) student, went through RMIT Vietnam’s Get Ready program which aims to help new students start making the most of their University experience.

We followed Khoa over the first few weeks of his university journey as he attended orientation activities, met friends, and tried to build a brand new community on campus.

Khoa’s dream upon entering RMIT Vietnam is to form Mass Media Club, a new student organisation to help give students a voice.

“Running a club will give you a lot of ups and downs,” Khoa shared. “To overcome the struggles and difficulties, you have to be patient and have strong belief. Waiting for the right moment, revise your strategy and believe in yourself, your club.”

Orientation Day was a chance for Khoa to meet new friends from many different majors. In the following weeks, some of those friends became members of the Mass Media Club and organised activities to recruit other members.

While setting up the new club and joining academic activities, Khoa felt connected to his new university life. “The hospitality of the staff and the friendliness of RMIT students makes me feel comfortable and relaxed. I can be myself,” he said.

“I spend almost all of my time in RMIT Library since I feel so attached to it,” Khoa said.

For some people, studying and setting up a completely new club at the same time would be too much pressure, said Khoa. “But it helps me a lot. I can freely express my ideas and my personality without being judged for not being mainstream. Somehow, it helps me to find my true inner-self!”

Story: Vu Diep Anh