RMIT Vietnam NewsHanoi Founder’s Day Carnival: Where we belong

Hanoi Founder’s Day Carnival: Where we belong

Monday, October 9, 2017 - 16:43

The annual Founder’s Day Carnival is a chance for RMIT Vietnam students, alumni, and staff and their families to gather and build a stronger community – while having lots of fun!

This year’s Carnival for Hanoi City campus took place on 30 September at ASEAN Resort, about 45 minutes away from Hanoi, and saw 450 people enjoy carnival games and performances.

What made this year’s Carnival particularly special was its theme ‘Where We Belong’.

“‘Where We Belong’ is a perfect theme for this year’s Carnival,” said Professor Gael McDonald, President of RMIT Vietnam, as she tested her skills at one of the many carnival games.

“It’s about creating a sense of community in RMIT, whether it’s at the Saigon South campus or at the Hanoi campus.”

Students, staff and alumni get ready for one of the most exciting events of the year.

President Professor Gael McDonald and her family take a photo at the ‘Where We Belong’ booth.

Student volunteers contribute to the success of the event, and can be seen in their RMIT ‘Where We Belong’ t-shirts.

Staff and their children test their skill at carnival games.

Sons and daughters of staff bring the crowd to their feet with a dance routine.

Student clubs kept 450 participants entertained throughout the day.

Carnival is a time for friends and family.

Story: Kieu Trang