RMIT Vietnam NewsFlourishing in an international environment

Flourishing in an international environment

Friday, June 22, 2018 - 17:21

“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone,” shared RMIT Vietnam alumnus Vu Tuan Anh, who is working as an analyst at a leading data analytics company in Sydney, Australia.

The best years of his life

Turning down a valuable scholarship from an American university, Tuan Anh chose RMIT Vietnam as the institution where he would major in Economics and Finance.

“At RMIT, lecturers come from around the world and the curriculum is from Australia, so I’m truly lucky to have had an authentic global experience right here in Vietnam,” Tuan Anh shared.

“Importantly, RMIT gave me not just an internationally recognised degree, but an ability to push through boundaries and become a better version of myself despite hurdles and challenges.”

During his time as a university student, Tuan Anh maintained an excellent academic record while finding time to be involved in extracurricular activities such as winning the Student Council presidential elections at the University’s Hanoi campus.

Tuan Anh’s crowning achievement during his time at RMIT Vietnam however, was receiving the President Scholarship in 2012, which did wonders for his confidence.

“The three years at RMIT Vietnam were memorable. I have no regrets. I had the best years of my life and met my best friends.” Tuan Anh added.

Tuan Anh at the RMIT Graduation Ceremony in 2015.

Flourishing in an international environment

Armed with honor degree from RMIT combined with an impressive profile and a convincing study plan, Tuan Anh won Vice-Chancellor’s International Scholarship from Macquarie University (Sydney) to pursue a Master of Actuarial Practice.

“Solid knowledge in Economics and Finance from RMIT allowed me to transition smoothly into actuarial science, though I didn’t have a background in actuarial practice.” Tuan Anh said.

Tuan Anh landed a job as a data analyst with his current company while he was studying his master’s degree.

Vu Tuan Anh is currently working as an analyst at Quantium, a leading data analytics company in Sydney, Australia.

“The critical thinking and teamwork skills I gained at RMIT, coupled with the ability to be independent, have been crucial for me to study and work in an international working environment such as in Australia,” he said.

Tuan Anh’s current priority is to fulfil a nine-month project with oOh! Media and then rotate to other projects to successfully complete his 18-month graduate program at data analytics firm Quantium.

“It is so true of the saying, No pain, No gain. When I first joined this company, programming wasn’t my thing, but I kept learning non-stop. Now, I’m capable of using many programming languages, such as Pyspark, SQL and Scala to improve my productivity as a data analyst,” Tuan Anh shared.

“I even found a way to optimise a piece of code, thus shortening the processing time by eight hours when operating on a big data platform. I will continuously develop competency in big data processing, human intelligence development and machine learning.

“Human intelligence and machine learning have so much potential over the next decade because they dramatically increase productivity and accuracy, and create huge value for governments and businesses.”

Story: Doan Thanh Van