RMIT Vietnam NewsFirst RMIT Vietnam student completes Personal Edge+ program

First RMIT Vietnam student completes Personal Edge+ program

Friday, July 14, 2017 - 15:50

Final year Bachelor of Business (Accountancy) student Nguyen Ton Quang Phu has finished the five modules of the Personal Edge+ program which helps students gain a range of skills to make them work-ready when they graduate.

The program is designed to develop creative thinking, confident communication, cross-cultural teamwork, ethical leadership and career strategy skills. Phu said he had grown and developed during his time in the program, and proved his creative thinking skills through a series of activities undertaken inside and outside of the University.

“I took part in an activity called ‘Treasure Hunt’ at a two-day camp in Vung Tau, which required one team member to use his teeth to break a plastic bag full of water hung on the rope four metres above the ground,” Phu said.

“In order to overcome the given situation, we had to evaluate and determine each of the steps needed to reach the target in the limited time available. This required me to organise my thoughts quickly and critically while keeping a versatile mindset to solve the situation.”

Bachelor of Business (Accountancy) student Nguyen Ton Quang Phu (orange T-shirt) took on ‘Treasure Hunt’ challenge, and submitted his evidence for the Personal Edge+ program.

In addition to these types of external activities, Phu was a mentoring team leader in the Management Accounting course. His role was to to facilitate revision classes and assignment support for students.

Phu’s responsibilities included making sure the revision classes ran efficiently, including managing the number of class attendees, student satisfaction, time management and relevant discussions.

“After one semester where we did not do as well as we could have, I figured out that our class seemed to lack preparation, vision and contribution of ideas from attendees. So, I proposed we eliminated one of the four revision classes and invested the time in better preparation, especially in the peak period of assessments,” Phu said.

Phu (second from right) volunteering at the University.

Taking on a leadership role, Phu motivated his friends through constant encouragement and made an effort to articulate a clear vision for everyone to follow. “I was proud that all classes had more time for Q&As and course updates from lecturers and avoided unnecessary discussion.”

Phu said he believed he would be able to continue to apply the skills he learned in the program throughout his life and career.

“After graduation, I will migrate to the United States with my family and probably undertake a post-graduate program. Integrating into a new culture and adapting to a new environment will require me to use my cross-cultural and creative thinking skills, which are incorporated into the Personal Edge+ program. I will also continue to build on the leadership qualities I have gained by improving my persuasive communication skills and practicing short-term and strategic planning.”

Story: Thuy Le