RMIT Vietnam NewsChanging behaviour through environmental education

Changing behaviour through environmental education

Thursday, March 16, 2017 - 13:55

RMIT Vietnam Professional Communication student Vo Thi Diem Trang is using the power of communication to empower, raise awareness and to educate the next generation about the environment.

Trang recently told students to protect their environment from ‘small things’ at the nationwide Clean Up Vietnam campaign.

During the event, she and her Enactus team joined elementary and university students from across six different provinces in various environmental activities.

“The team and I took the initiative to educate elementary students on how to sort used items for recycling, swapping and collecting waste from school yards,” Trang said.

Vo Thi Diem Trang (second from left) in the Clean Up Vietnam campaign

Trang, who was the Clean Up Vietnam leader, has lived with an environmental mindset since she was a high school student.

“When I was in 10th grade, I joined the Hoa Phuong Do campaign, where I helped to educate children about the environment,” she recalled.

“Becoming a “green ambassador” for a Green Dream project with the theme of water and life, organised by Muc Tim (Purple Ink) magazine and SCG Corporation, the project I was part of aimed to educate people about saving water resources.”

Trang firmly believes that today’s youth will become tomorrow’s leaders.

Professional Communication student Vo Thi Diem Trang

Previously the Enactus President, the highlights of her tenure were successfully leading the two nationwide clean-up events, and developing a project called #TheOldNew.

“For two continuous years the Clean-Up Vietnam campaign has reached nearly 3,000 junior students and volunteers from many other universities who have joined together in protecting our environment.”

“#TheOldNew project brings forward the concept of recycling clothes in an innovative way.”

Although Trang has now resigned as the Enactus Club President, she has done her best to share her experience and knowledge regarding the environment with current students.

“I would love to be someone who gives students advice and strategies to maximise their future environmental events as well as minimise potential risks, given my experience”.

In addition to these commitments, Trang was one of the winners of the 2016 Generation Impact Challenge and represented RMIT Vietnam at the 7th University Scholars Leadership Symposium. Her plan is to continue to pursue her journey of working for the community after she graduates this November.

“I want to dig deeper into the communication industry and understand more about how people perceive and how they behave so that I can join with NGOs to undertake projects that change people’s mindset and behaviour.”

Story: Thuy Le