RMIT Vietnam NewsCaro Journal takes creative look at life

Caro Journal takes creative look at life

Monday, February 13, 2017 - 17:02

Bachelor of Design (Digital Media) student Nguyen Anh Duy and his team have launched Caro Journal, a publication for young people who enjoy looking at life through a creative lens.

“The journal is a combination of book and magazine, with photographs, paintings, stories, and illustrations of life, culture and art,” explained Duy.

“We hope the journal can connect young creatives, as well as offer a product that represents the thinking of today’s young generation.

“Each issue will talk about one aspect of life.”

RMIT Vietnam Design (Digital Media) student Nguyen Anh Duy (right) at the launch of Caro Journal.

The first issue, entitled “Vui nhu Tet” (Tet is happiness), was published shortly before the start of the Year of the Rooster. The issue’s theme was simple: Tet brings joy but each person’s experience of the holiday is unique.

“Each article in the ‘Vui nhu Tet’ issue reflects a creative view of Tet from the perspective of the young generation,” Duy elaborated. 

The issue “Vui nhu Tet” contains 144 pages divided into 12 articles on three topics: “Ngóng Tết” (Tet expectation), “Đón Tết” (Tet celebration) and “Mơ Tết” (Tet dream).

Reflecting on the journey to publish the Journal, Duy noted: “Getting readers’ positive feedback at the launch of the first issue was a personal milestone.”

“Caro Journal is a project that I have nurtured for a long time."

The name of the Journal originates from the game caro (tic-tac-toe).

Duy, who is the team leader, has taken four months off from his studies at RMIT Vietnam to devote to this project.

“We started planning in March 2016 and faced many challenges to finish the publication in time for Tet Festival,” he said.

"The initial group was quite large but the number has gradually decreased with only four members currently working together closely on writing, editing, illustration, layout design, and interviewing specialists," Duy explained.

Duy added that finding a publisher was another challenge.

"Before being accepted by the prestigious Phuong Nam publishing company, the Caro Journal was rejected by many other publishers because they couldn’t figure out what it was all about,” Duy said.

Looking ahead, Duy plans to publish more issues this year. He will also continue to look for investors for his project  3D-printed chessboard “The Legends”, which won the Senses of Vietnam creative contest.

Story: Thuy Le