RMIT Vietnam NewsBuilding careers in creative industries

Building careers in creative industries

Wednesday, November 15, 2017 - 14:05

Workshops for students at RMIT Vietnam’s Career Week at its Saigon South campus engage top employers from creative industries to share experiences and comment on students’ creative work.

RMIT Vietnam’s Career Week in semester 3 is a five-day program introducing students to a network of companies in the creative industries.

A range of students benefit from career workshops, since the employers share experiences for those who have just commenced their study, interview best practices for those looking for internships, as well as developing a survival mindset for those who are about to graduate.

Aside from sharing advice for students in workshops, employers have a chance to view student work curated at the Creative Showcase bigger! from the School of Communication & Design. Collections of student creative work (ranging from first-year to final-year) are showcased in a series of big pods, each representing one of five discipline areas: Design, Fashion, Film, Communication, and Architecture.

Mr Guillaume Monier, COO of Glass Egg Digital Media, engages with one of the student projects.

Guest speaker Guillaume Monier, COO of Glass Egg Digital Media, was impressed by the different pods, especially the Virtual Reality pod since it was directly related to the video game industry.

“It was great to see that different aspects of the development [coding, 3D modeling, animation] of a VR product have been handled by different RMIT students and come together very nicely,” said Guillaume.

“VR is still changing very rapidly so it’s exciting to see that students are confident with this technology and it will definitely help them if they want to pursue a career in video game development.”

Guest speaker Ben Waters, Managing Director, Lion&Lion, was likewise impressed by the overall standard and quality of work.

“Specifically the graphic design section which I thought had very high production quality and attention to detail,Ben emphasised.

“Overall I felt the quality was very high and looked similar to the type of high-quality creative production that I would expect from my creative team.”

Mr Ben Waters, Managing Director of Lion&Lion, attended the showcase with an RMIT alumnus who now works at Lion&Lion.

The showcase demonstrated that RMIT Vietnam students are developing work-ready capabilities with core skills, and an integration of abilities to work in dynamic environments.

A guest experiences the creative work on display in one of the eight pods at the 2017 Creative Showcase bigger!

Top Employers at Career Week this semester include: Mirum Agency, Glass Egg Digital Media, COACH, Tungtex Fashions, Gameloft, Edelman, POPS Worldwide, and Lion&Lion.

Story: Vu Diep Anh