RMIT Vietnam NewsAustralian Foreign Minister praises RMIT Vietnam as “flagship”

Australian Foreign Minister praises RMIT Vietnam as “flagship”

Tuesday, March 27, 2012 - 16:37

The newly appointed Australian Minister for Foreign Affairs, Senator Bob Carr, today praised RMIT International University Vietnam as a “flagship” Australian-style educational centre in Vietnam.

Touring the University’s Saigon South campus, Senator Carr said he was impressed with the standard of amenity being provided for students and with the “student centred” education philosophy it embodied.

“Education is a key and growing element of our bilateral relationship. The RMIT campus in Vietnam is an Australian owned and run institution and it is helping the country to mobilise and educate its young, 90 million plus population.”

Senator Carr and his wife Helena, along with an official entourage, inspected the University’s new international standard library, classrooms, and recreational facilities - with much of the campus still decorated colourfully for the University’s annual Open Day held two days earlier.

In welcoming the Minister, RMIT Vietnam president Professor Merilyn Liddell said she was conscious of the Minister’s strongly expressed view that it is important for countries of the world to achieve a greater “overlap of cultures” so that there can be better mutual understanding.

“We like to think this is an important part of what we are doing here in Vietnam – we strive to equip students with the ability to be confident and comfortable going out to do what they want to do in the world, but without ever losing sight of the importance of their Vietnamese culture and heritage. We want our graduates to exhibit the best of what different cultures have to offer.”

Professor Liddell told Senator Carr that RMIT Vietnam was also proud of the way many of its students involve themselves in worthwhile voluntary activities, including an Environment Club and many other community based activities, with the help and support of many foreign and Vietnamese teaching staff.

“I think this speaks to what Senator Carr has also said about the need for communities to face up to environmental and other challenges confronting the world,” she said. 

“In our view, it starts with good families and good education. We have much more to achieve to make a better contribution to Vietnam over time, especially in efforts to further develop our Hanoi campus – so we greatly appreciate the interest and moral support being shown by Senator Carr in visiting us today and talking to some of our outstanding staff and students.”