What to expect from online studies

Your lecturers and RMIT staff are working hard behind the scenes to ensure that you get an amazing online learning experience!

The online mode will include a range of interactions to help you connect and engage with both your studies and with other students. This can include:

  •     Weekly videos to outline and recap lessons
  •     Rich and detailed course material with narration from a lecturer
  •     Discussion of the key ideas of the lesson through online forums with other students
  •     Online drop-in sessions with a lecturer - that will be recorded and available for others
  •     Online learning activities for practising and demonstrating skill development
  •     Feedback from the lecturer as to how students are progressing. 

Hear more from Associate Lecturer Bill Au in the video below and find out which courses have been offered online in semester one.

What to expect from online studies – advice from the experts | RMIT Vietnam

School of Business & Management Associate Lecturer Bill Au encourages students to stay engaged by following the audio narration, participating and being proactive in group and class activities, discussing and sharing their ideas, as well as getting support when they need it.

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