RMIT Vietnam NewsAikido international seminar 2009

Aikido international seminar 2009

Friday, April 10, 2009 - 16:10

RMIT International University Vietnam today hosted an International Aikido Seminar in its Saigon South campus.

The seminar aims to foster the development of RMIT Vietnam's Aikido club towards international recognition, and to publicise the benefits of joining the club and practicing Aikido.

Special guests to this event are the founder of Aikido in Thailand Motohiro Fukakusa Shihan, the founder of the Aikido Federation in Singapore Freddy Khong Sensei, and the famous swordsman Takao Hattori Sensei.

Fukakusa Shihan, President of Aikido Association of Thailand, was one of the pioneers teaching and spreading this kind of martial arts since 1961. He taught Aikido in Thailand without expecting payment from his students. His leadership in the field led to the establishment of the Aikido Association of Thailand in 1975.

Freddy Sensei is Chairman of Aikido Federation Singapore which he established in 2002. He started teaching Aikido in 1977 and since then has been focused on teaching this art of harmony to children.

Hattori Sensei is the successor of Shihan Nishio Shoji who is one of Aikido's greatest teachers and the founder of Aikido Toho Iai. Hattori Sensei studied 27 years with Nishio Sensei.

Other Aikido authorities in Southeast Asia and Aikido Clubs throughout Vietnam are also coming to the seminar.

The seminar will run from 8.30am to 4.30pm on 10-12 April 2009, and is consisted of two parts: a conference and a technique seminar.

Fukakusa Shihan will chair the conference for RMIT Vietnam's students and parents, speaking about the connection between the practice of Aikido and professional success.

The technique seminar provides club members with an opportunity to increase their skills by learning directly from the masters and to make friends with international Aikido practitioners.

"We are very happy to be able to host this special event at RMIT Vietnam, especially with the presence of significant Aikido figures in the region," RMIT Vietnam President Professor James Barber said today. "This will help to bring our Aikido Club's profile to a whole new level."

"At RMIT Vietnam, we have a variety of student clubs, student organised events, sport competitions, community events and facilities to assist students to enjoy a well rounded university experience," Professor Barber added.