RMIT Vietnam NewsRMIT Vietnam student creativity on display at bigger! exhibition

RMIT Vietnam student creativity on display at bigger! exhibition

Wednesday, November 15, 2017 - 15:22

RMIT Vietnam’s annual creative showcase bigger! was launched at the University’s Saigon South campus in mid-November and will be held at Hanoi campus from 20-26 November, displaying student works from the School of Communication & Design.

More than 420 creative works are being presented in a series of large pods, each representing one of five discipline areas: Design, Fashion, Film, Communication, and Architecture.

More than 420 creative works presented in a series of large pods

Some of the outstanding works include the Gentle Ascending Project in which students created a capsule collection for popular local fashion brand Nosbyn; Vietnamese wall photos from Mark Your Wall; Fishing Boat Virtual Reality; mobile app Pitbox, and the communication campaign of promoting cultural and historical values of the Temple of Literature (in Vietnamese: Van Mieu – Quoc Tu Giam) in Hanoi.

Exhibition on graphic design

RMIT Vietnam’s Head of the School of Communication & Design Professor Rick Bennett said that the School was rapidly changing, maturing, and evolving.

“As a result, our student work is constantly improving – becoming more Experimental, more Ethical, and above all, more Exceptional,” Professor Bennett said.

Professor Bennett also emphasised the need for the University to be socially and environmentally responsible.

“It is very important that through our unique students and staff, the School provides recognisable creative contributions to the broader Vietnamese society,” he said.

“Not only is our aim to produce the country’s future creative leaders, but RMIT is committed to directing more focus, through student projects, on social and environmental responsibility.

“The School will soon achieve this aim through a series of mandatory Creative Outreach projects to help many regions in Vietnam.”