RMIT Vietnam NewsRMIT students win big at national round of regional data competition

RMIT students win big at national round of regional data competition

Tuesday, September 24, 2019 - 09:09

RMIT Vietnam students took home the top three prizes at the national round of the ASEAN Data Science Explorers (ASEANDSE) 2019.

The final round of ASEAN Data Science Competition 2019 in Vietnam was held at RMIT Vietnam's Hanoi campus.

The three winning teams were chosen from a large group of 41 that included students from 17 universities across the country. The national champions were rewarded for their relevant and and bold topic choices, the solutions they delivered through their storyboards, and the clarity of their presentations. 

The winner of the Vietnam National Finals ASEAN Data Science Competition 2019 was team AWM from RMIT (Vu Hoang Trung and Vu Manh Ha) who spoke about empowering ethnic minorities in ASEAN.

Bachelor of Business (Economics and Finance) students Vu Hoang Trung and Vu Manh Ha from Team AWM, took first place with their presentation on empowering ethnic minorities in ASEAN countries.

While on exchange to RMIT University in Melbourne, Trung and Ha both noticed the increase in the importance of data analytics as a distinct field, and as a tool in business studies.

“ASEANDSE gave us a great opportunity to expand knowledge acquired in undergraduate courses and self-study, to gain exposure to SAP’s software, and to know what economic policy consulting for ASEAN is like,” Trung said.

Their presentation concluded that education and enhancing education with technology would be an appropriate support for great economic improvement among the ethnic minority groups.

“With the hope of helping minorities realise their full potential, we aimed to deliver revolutionary insights as somewhat of a wake-up call for countries to support their growth,” he said.

The duo will compete in the regional round to be held in October in Thailand, where they will face the winners from nine other national finals taking place across the region in September this year.

RMIT students Nguyen Quang Hong Phuc and Le Quang Kim Ngan (team Passionnés) came in second place with their project on disaster preparedness in ASEAN countries.

Bachelor of Tourism and Hospitality Management students Nguyen Quang Hong Phuc and Le Quang Kim Ngan from team Passionnés won second prize for addressing disaster preparedness, while Bachelor of Business (Economics and Finance) alumni Tran Phuong Thao and Bachelor of Business (Economics and Finance) student Ngo Thi Minh Thu from team Data Miners won third place for their presentation that explored affordable surgical costs. 

RMIT students Ngo Thi Minh Thu and Tran Phuong Thao (team Data Miners) presented on affordable surgical costs and won third place in the competition.

ASEANDSE is a regional programme organised by the ASEAN Foundation and SAP that aims to catalyse activism among university students in ASEAN. Since its inception in 2017, ASEANDSE has empowered over 9,000 youths from 230 higher education institutions in the region with data analytic skills.

The competition entries doubled this year to 1,400 student teams from a wide range of disciplines such as political science, engineering and architecture.

Managing Director of SAP Vietnam Josephin Galla said that their partnership with the ASEAN Foundation meant that they were able to equip youths with critical digital skillsets and help them “develop a sense of responsibility towards using these skills to improve society”.

“It is important to educate the next generation to harness its potential to channel it to good use,” she said.

Last year, RMIT Vietnam students Nguyen Van Thuan and Mai Thanh Tung received third prize at the ASEANDSE Regional Finals for their project Conquering the Waves of Global Trade, which addressed the issue of disadvantaged