Book a meeting room

How to book a room

Check for room availabilities before contacting the library via email, phone or in person.

Check room availability

Find the room availabilities for both the Saigon South campus and Hanoi campus here.

Booking details

  • Bookings can be made by a representative who is certain about the number of group members when placing the booking request.
  • Bookings can be made one week in advance, e.g. if today was Monday 15th October, you could book a room as far as Monday 22nd October.
  • Bookings can be done either by email, phone or directly at the library.
  • Please check the booking calendars for room availability before placing a booking request.

Booking quotas

  • Each student and/or staff member has a quota of two hours per week.
  • Each group cannot have less than two and more than ten members.
  • A booking will be forfeited if a group does not turn up after 15 minutes Your quota will still be deducted.

Checking in

  • A group representative is required to check in with a librarian, by submitting his/her RMIT ID before access is granted.
  • The group will then be given a key to open and lock up the room. Keys must be returned to the librarian after use.