Internship Program

Internship Program

RMIT University Vietnam provides program specific Internships. During the internship students are enrolled into specific industry-based courses that integrate the student's theoretical knowledge with workplace experience. Students take on a range of finite projects that employers can help identify, while RMIT University Vietnam provides close academic supervision. This gives a richer educational experience and important skills making students more work-ready upon graduation.

The internships have proven beneficial for a plethora of companies who have been able to "trial run" RMIT University Vietnam students for possible official employment later.

Different strokes for different folks

Different programs have different internship opportunities and requirements.  Most have the internship at the end of the program structure, allowing students to easily transition into full-time employment. However, there are a few exceptions. For detailed information, please check the Internships and Skills by degree page. 

When can companies take on an RMIT Vietnam intern?

Our internship schedule is based on the RMIT University Vietnam's academic schedule. That means our students are available to start their internship 3 times a year around the middle of February, middle of June and middle of October. You will need to complete a Position Description form. Access to this form will be made available approximately 2 months prior to the internship start day. To receive an email informing you when it is open, please send an email to:

Further notice

To participate in our Internship Program, companies must agree to the following:

  • Ensure adequate working conditions for interns
  • Assign a direct work supervisor, who can guide and give feedback on work performance, for each intern position
  • Allow the intern's RMIT Course Lecturer to visit him/her at the workplace at least once during his/her internship.
  • Provide reflective feedback via an on-line Employer Feedback Questionnaire for future improvement of the program.

Thank you for your interest in participating in our Internship Program.