FAQs about applying to RMIT Vietnam for international students

FAQs about applying to RMIT Vietnam for international students

About RMIT Vietnam 

What type of programs does RMIT offer?

Programs are offered at diploma, bachelor degree and masters by coursework. More program information is available online.

Are RMIT Vietnam programs recognised internationally?

RMIT qualifications are highly regarded nationally and internationally by leading industry bodies across all fields. RMIT programs are developed in close consultation with industry to ensure graduates are work-ready and highly sought after by employers. RMIT University was ranked 86th in the world for employment outcomes for students by the 2010 QS World University rankings. Check the RMIT Alumni site for past students’ achievements.

Am I an international student?

You are an international student if you are not:

  • A citizen or permanent resident of Vietnam
  • A non Vietnam citizen with Vietnam resident card

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Application Process

What are the academic entry requirements?

Academic entry requirements vary depending on the program. You must satisfy all entry requirements including academic, English and extra requirements before being admitted to the program of your choice. View entry requirements for international students.

What are the English language entry requirements?

English entry requirements at RMIT are generally set by study level, with limited exceptions. You must satisfy English language requirements before being admitted to the program of your choice. Some students may be exempted from providing English proficiency tests.

Do all students need to provide evidence of English language proficiency?

All applicants are required to demonstrate English proficiency suitable for the program that they are applying. Typically this is done through providing results of approved English tests. If you have studied at an institution where the language of instruction is English you may be eligible for an English waiver. Find more information about English entry requirements.

What are the application closing dates?

RMIT Vietnam has three intakes a year. The application closing dates can be found by accessing academic registrar page and downloading the academic calendar. If you miss an application closing date, there may still be an opportunity to be enrolled for the next term, depending on the timing and availability of places. Your consultant can advise you further on this.

What happens after I have applied?

After you have applied, your consultant will receive your application and give you an application receipt letter. Your application will be assessed within two weeks.

If your academic performance does not meet the RMIT entrance requirement, you will receive an official outcome after two weeks.

If your English skill does not meet RMIT requirements, we may suggest how you can improve your English skills or that you enrol in RMIT’s  English Worldwide program.

If I submit a scanned application do I need to send it by post as well?

No, that is unnecessary. Please keep in mind that by signing the application form, you declare to RMIT that “to the best of my knowledge the information supplied in this application and the documentation supporting my application is correct and complete. I will notify RMIT Vietnam immediately of any change in my personal details. I acknowledge that the provision or incorrect information or the withholding of information or documentation relating to my application may result in cancellation of any offer or enrolment by the university”.

Can I gain advanced standing/credit for past studies?

You can submit a credit transfer form to apply for exemptions in relation to courses you passed in your previous academic studies. Please note that the form is only assessed after you have enrolled and that you need to provide sufficient information about the courses you took, including academic transcripts and course guides.

Can the application fee be waived?

Application fee could be waived for students who apply via RMIT Vietnam representatives, apply on events.

How do I defer my offer/acceptance?

RMIT permits eligible applicants who have received a formal offer to defer the commencement of their studies. In some cases, international students can defer their program for up to a maximum of one academic year. If you wish to defer your program, please send a request to admissions@rmit.edu.vn.

Do not enrol if you wish to defer. If you wish to defer you must do so before the enrolment date specified in your offer letter. Deferral of offer requests received after the intake deadlines indicated above will not be processed. Your application will be archived and you will need to submit a new application. An application fee may apply.

Once we have processed your deferral of offer, your application is re-assessed to determine if an offer can be made for the newly requested intake. You will be notified of the outcome of your application.

If you apply via an RMIT representative, please contact your agent for further detail.

Can I apply to another program after joining?

International students may apply to change programs, as can local students; sometimes the original program you select is not the best fit. You will need complete the Application for Change of Program form and return it to Admissions at RMIT before the application deadline for the semester that you intend to join the new program. If approved, you will receive a new offer letter.

What if my application is not successful?

If you application is not successful, you will be notified the outcome by a decline letter sent to your personal email and home address.

If you apply via an RMIT representative, your agent will give you further information.

What scholarships are available for international students?

RMIT Vietnam offers scholarships for both local and international students. For more information, please follow the RMIT Vietnam scholarship pages.

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Accepting an Offer

What should I do after I receive an offer?

You should follow the instructions in the offer letter. This includes signing the acceptance and returning it, paying the deposit (if applicable), and completing enrolment online within the dates indicated. Note that late enrolment incurs a late enrolment fee of 2,000,000VND.

If you apply via an RMIT representative, please contact your agent for further detail.

Where do I send my acceptance documents?

The Offer Acceptance Form can be sent to Admissions Office by the following ways:

  • Email: admissions@rmit.edu.vn
  • Fax: +84 8 3776 1399
  • Post: Admissions Office, RMIT Vietnam, 702 Nguyen Van Linh, Tan Phong Ward, District 7, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

If you apply via an RMIT representative, please contact your agent for further detail.

Is there an acceptance deadline?

There is a specific acceptance deadline which is stated clearly in your offer letter.

Can I send the Offer Acceptance Form first to hold my place, and pay later?

As stated in the offer letter, you must submit the Offer Acceptance form and pay the deposit prior to the deadline. You can do these actions separately or at the same time; however, failure to pay the deposit by the deadline may delay your enrolment or result in withdrawal of the offer. Note that the tuition fee deposit fee will be deducted in the invoice of your first semester.

Can I pay the deposit in installments?

No. You can pay using multiple payment methods but you must send evidence of the full payment at the time of accepting.

If you apply via an RMIT representative, please contact your agent for further detail.

What currencies can I pay in?

Foreign Currency Transfers

Foreign currency transfers from within Vietnam will be converted to Vietnam Dong at the Buying exchange rate.

Foreign currency transfers from outside Vietnam can be made to RMIT Vietnam’s US$ account.

Account Name:                           RMIT UNIVERSITY VIETNAM LLC

Account No. (USD Account):        310178-8

Address:                                      ANZ Bank (Vietnam) Ltd, 39 Le Duan Street, District 1, HCMC, Vietnam

SWIFT Code:                                ANZBVNVX472

What is an eCOE?

eCOE is an electronic Confirmation of Enrolment email which will be sent to your RMIT student email 1-2 hours after you completed your enrollment.

How long do I need to wait for my eCOE?

Your e-COE will be emailed to your RMIT student email 1-2 hours after you have completed your online enrollment.

If you apply via an RMIT representative, please contact your agent for further detail.

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