RMIT Vietnam EventsPRS Asia Keynote – From Smart Cities to Food Parliament and Beyond

PRS Asia Keynote – From Smart Cities to Food Parliament and Beyond

Prof CJ Lim will deliver the keynote lecture ‘From Smartcities to Food Parliament and beyond’ based on his experience of the PRS (Practice Research Symposium) Europe and how it allowed him to develop a set of agendas and critical thinking, which inform his current research, publications and practice.

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Date and time
Saturday, 22 September, 2018 - 18:00 to 22:00
RMIT Saigon South
Auditorium 2, Saigon South Campus
Event type
Public lecture
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Open to public

The ambition of his research lies in the ability to manifest government policies and scientific data into speculative architecture and urbanism. The research ‘Food Parliament’ is a combination of nostalgia and futurism in a narrative architecture, and contributes to the discourse around sustainability, food security and the urban utopia.

CJ Lim is the Professor of Architecture & Urbanism at the Bartlett UCL, the director of Studio 8 Architects, and has served as Vice-Dean and Pro-Provost of UCL. His commissions with the Government Planning Bureaus of Shenzhen, Tangshan, Nanjing and Guangzhou are to influence their environmental policies, and the economic and social impacts. He is the recipient of the Royal Academy of Arts London ‘Grand Architecture Prize’. His authored books include ‘Smartcities + Eco-warriors’ (2010), ‘Short Stories: London in two-and-a-half Dimensions’ (2011), ‘Food City’ (2014), and ‘Inhabitable Infrastructures: Science fiction or urban future’ (2017).

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