RMIT Vietnam EventsPersonal Edge+ How to survive a horrible boss (HN)

Personal Edge+ How to survive a horrible boss (HN)

What happens when you end up with a really bad boss?

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Thursday, 1 December, 2016 - 17:00 to 18:30
RMIT Hanoi City
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It is often repeated that people leave their boss, not their job. The relationship with your line manager can greatly affect your motivation and happiness at work and beyond.

What would you do when you end up with a really bad boss? Do you just grin and bear it, complain to higher authorities, look for an escape, or do something else?

“How to survive a horrible boss” is another interesting, fun but practical talk proudly brought to you by Personal Edge+ program, RMIT Vietnam. This TED style presentation will address these issues with practical advice on how to build a meaningful relationship with your boss, even if he or she might seem, initially, just horrible and impossible to deal with. The presentation will touch on concepts such as grit, resilience, growth mindset and will be full of stories of great and horrible bosses.

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