Environmental management system

Environmental management system

RMIT Vietnam believes that sound environmental management is an important component of the University’s overall management responsibility. RMIT Vietnam seeks to demonstrate its environmental performance through the implementation of an Environmental Management System (EMS) which addresses all of the University’s operations. 

An Environmental Management System is designed to enable an organisation to address both environmental concerns and economic imperatives by creating a system of processes and procedures that examine its performance against its environmental goals. 

The University has developed an Environmental Management System as part of its commitment to minimise the environmental impacts of its operations. A commitment from senior management has been required in order to establish the EMS. The Senior Management of RMIT Vietnam has accepted this role.

The cornerstones of the EMS are:

  • The Environmental Policy;
  • The implementation of Environmental Objectives and Targets;
  • The ongoing monitoring and reviewing of environmental performance;
  • Continuous improvement of the EMS to further enhance RMIT Vietnam’s environmental performance.

The RMIT Vietnam EMS is based on the international standard ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Management Systems. The standard emphasises continual improvement in the performance of the system and, through this, improvements in the organisation’s environmental performance are expected to result. Since a systematised approach to environmental performance fosters a more efficient use of resources by the organisation, the prospect of benefits to the University’s bottom line is a powerful incentive for implementing an EMS.