English proficiency

English proficiency

English is the language of teaching and communication at RMIT Vietnam, and it is the responsibility of the applicant to demonstrate evidence that the required standard of English language proficiency can be met.

RMIT Vietnam is an English-speaking campus. All employees are required to meet a minimum standard of English language proficiency. Different positions have different set minimum standards.

Q. I am not a native English speaker; will I need to take an English test?
If you are the successful candidate in the recruitment process, and you are not a native English speaker, before RMIT can make you an offer, you will need to demonstrate that you meet the proficiency level requirements for the role.

RMIT offers the Linguaskill test for professional roles, and the IELTS and Pearson tests for Academic roles.

Q. Where will I take the English proficiency tests?
For Linguaskill, in most cases, the test will be taken at one of the RMIT campuses. For IELTS and Pearson, the test will need to be booked with a relevant office near your location.

Q. What will happen if I fail the English test?
If you fail the English test, RMIT will consider the option of enabling you to take the test again. This decision will be made on a case-by-case basis. If you are unable to meet the minimum requirements, it is unlikely that RMIT will be able to move forward with an employment offer.

Q. Is there any way I can practice my English skills before taking the test?
Linguaskill and IELTS provide lots of helpful online links and resources to enable you to practice your English before taking the test.

Q: I have an IELTS/Linguaskill certificates from three years ago, is this valid?
English Proficiency testing must have been completed within the past 24 months. In addition, the score of the test must meet the required proficiency level of the role you are applying for.

Q. Does RMIT VN offer any exemptions when it comes to English testing?
For Academic Teaching Staff, English Language Proficiency may be proven by showing completion of PhD and/or Masters qualifications while being instructed through the medium of English, and if they have been teaching in an English-speaking environment during the previous 24 months.

For professional staff, English Language Proficiency may be proven by showing completion of most recent qualification whilst being instructed through the medium of English, supported by experience of working in an English-speaking environment for the past 24 months.

If there is any doubt about an applicant’s English proficiency level, then the applicant will be required to complete an English proficiency test.

Q: What are the English Proficiency Standards?
You can read more information here.

Proficiency Standards

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