Support Using Learning Technology

What tools do I need to navigate the online learning environment?

Whether you are teaching a blended, hybrid or fully online course, technology extends your reach as a teacher. These pages will support your use of both synchronous and asynchronous tools. A few of the key tools you'll need to become familiar with are:

This site serves to guide you through these key tools and introduce you to a few others. You'll find answers to some common questions, such as:

  • How should I measure attendance and engagement in an online environment?
  • What platforms and tools work best for different stages of a lesson, for instance group collaboration, discussion, or feedback?
  • How can I support students to submit work, including art or physical objects, and give peer feedback virtually?

This is a space to explore these types of questions and provide you with the resources and instructions you need to make your course a success, for both you and your students. Have a look around, and if you've still got questions, reach out to us! 

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