John Walsh

SBM John Walsh
School: The Business School
Department: International Business
Position: Lecturer
Location: RMIT Hanoi

John Walsh is Acting Program Manager for International Business and Lecturer, International Business at the Hanoi campus of RMIT Vietnam. He has previously lived and worked in Sudan, Greece, Korea, Australia, Abu Dhabi, Thailand and his native UK. These days, his research mainly focuses on the social and economic development of the Greater Mekong Subregion.

PhD (Oxford University), BA (Hons) English Language and Literature (Hull University)

International Business, Political Economy of International Business, Cross-Cultural Management, Creativity, Innovation and design, Managing International Business Responsibly, Contemporary Issues in Management, Business Research Design

Social and Economic Development of the Greater Mekong Subregion, Special Economic Zones, Street Vending, Born Global, Smart City Development

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ERIA (2), UNCTAD, GiZ, ERIT Ministry of Trade (Lao PDR), CAVAC (AUSAID), Korean Fellowship Grant

PhD Students Graduated under My Supervision

  • Sittichai Anantarngsi - 'Creating a Labour Market Plan for Thailand: Study of Chinese-Thai Businesses in the Chiang Rai Region', 2009
  • William Philip Wall - 'Developing Effective Cross-Cultural Management in a Thai Healthcare Organization to Enhance Global Competitiveness', 2009
  • Nittana Southiseng - 'Managing Change in Human Resource Development in the Telecommunications Sectors of Laos and Thailand', 2010
  • Pawana Techavimol - 'The Online Computer Games Industry: Does South Korea Offer a Model for Thailand to Create a Sustainable Economic Cluster?', 2010
  • Thavorn Thitthongkam - 'A Study of Language Roles in Thai Tourism Industry Competitiveness', 2010
  • Makararavy Ty - 'Impacts of Culture on Organizational Learning in Cambodia', 2010
  • Petcharat Lovichakorntikul - 'Buddhist Principle Model towards the Human Resource Development of Professionals in the Healthcare Business in Thailand', 2013
  • Fuangfa Amponstira - 'Perspectives of Investment in Cambodia’s Infrastructure Development: Viewpoint of Foreign Investors', 2014    
  • Dilip Kumar Jha - 'Rural Poor and Micro-Finance Institutions at Mahottari, Janakpur, Nepal: A Socio-Economic Perspective', 2014
  • Supaporn Pinyochatchinda - 'Industrial Management Model Based on Creation of Corporate Social Responsibility of Entrepreneurs in Map Ta Phut Industrial Estate', 2014    
  • Alin Chintraruck - 'Developing Effective Water Resource Management in Thailand', 2014
  • Wilaiporn Lao-Hakosol - 'Allocation of Expenditure of Budgets in Political Campaigns of Members of the House of Representatives Using the Integrated Marketing Communication Mix', 2014
  • Sirirat Ngamsang - 'The Management of Confucius Institutes in Thailand from an Organizational Perspective ', 2016
  • Thanee Ngaochay - 'The Challenges of Human Resource Development: A Case of Franchise Coffee World – Thailand', 2016
  • Thanan Apivantanaporn - 'The State as Co-Producer in Tourism Space Management and Strategy: Theoretical Framework of Time-Space and Self: Research Based on Institutional Policy Approach in Thailand', 2017
  • Liu Xiaodong - 'Research on E-Commerce Business Model Application for Fresh Agricultural Products in China: A Case Study in Yunnan Province', 2018
  • Pramaha Min Putthithanasombat - 'The Importance of Management and Social Institutions to enhance Peacebuilding among Theravada Buddhist Countries in Mainland Southeast Asia', 2018



  • 2015 DANATA Appreciation Award, UAE
  • 2013 Learning and Teaching Award, HCT, UAE
  • 2008 Award for the first ‘Leadership Conference’, CAS, Oman
  • 2002 Best Hospitality and Tourism Studies Lecturer Award, Swan TAFE, Australia 

Market research, academic research, teaching, various interactions

  • 2018-present: Lecturer, International Business, RMIT Vietnam (Hanoi campus). Courses taught: (undergraduate) International Business; Political Economy of International Business; Creativity, Innovation and Demand; Cross-Cultural Management; Managing International Business Responsibly; (graduate) Contemporary Issues in International Management. 
  • 2004-18: Assistant Professor, Shinawatra University, Courses taught include: Managerial Communications, Communications in Research and Consultancy, Managing Business Renewal, Self-Development, Research Methods, Managing Human Resources, Business Communication and Negotiations, Managing Alliances, Entrepreneurialism and Leadership, Business Ethics and Others. Currently supervising four PhD students at Shinawatra University. Various MBA dissertation students supervised and now graduated.
  • 2013: Appointed Director of the Research Centre, Shinawatra University.
  • 2003-4: Head of Directed Research and Assistant Professor, Business Administration Division, Mahidol University International College. Charged with supervising directed research for students. Courses in preparation include Global Marketing Strategy and Ethics and Technology.
  • 2002-3: Assistant Professor Marketing and Communication, Shinawatra University, Bangkok, Thailand. 
  • 2002: Assistant Professor Marketing, Zayed University, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. 
  • 1998-2000: Post-doctoral Research Fellow, Curtin Business School, Curtin University. Involved with a range of academic and market research projects and with developing the market research programme. Established the Globalisation in Southeast Asia Research Programme. Co-supervising Ph.D. and DBA students. 
  • 1995-7: D.Phil. Student, Templeton College, University of Oxford. 
  • 1996-7: Korean Government Scholarship Student, Kyung-Hee University, Seoul. 
  • 1996: Research Student, Seoul National University. 
  • 1991-5: Market Research Consultant, SMSR Ltd., Hull, UK. 
  • 1988-1990: Market Research Consultant, Polygon (Humberside) Ltd., Hull, UK. 
  • 1987-8: Teacher of English as a Foreign Language: Omiros Athinae, Lamprini 11411, Athens, Greece. 
  • 1986-7: Teacher of English as a Foreign Language, Kassala Secondary High School for Boys, Kassala, Sudan. 
  • 1983-6: BA.Hons. Student, University of Hull, Hull, UK.