Rimi Khan

SCD Rimi Khan
School: School of Communication & Design
Department: Professional Communication & Digital Film and Video
Position: Lecturer
Location: RMIT Saigon South
Email: rimi.khan@rmit.edu.vn

Rimi’s academic research examines the connections between creativity, cultural economy and citizenship. Her most recent projects focus on creativity and global youth cultures, and ethical fashion economies in Asia. She is the author of Art in Community: the Provisional Citizen (2016, Palgrave). Prior to joining RMIT Vietnam she was a Senior Research Fellow at University of Melbourne where she worked on a number of projects with stakeholders from the creative industries and multicultural sector.

  • PhD, University of Melbourne (Cultural Studies), 2013
  • BA, Murdoch University (First Class Honours), 2002



Cinema Studies; Asian Cinema; Cultural Intelligence; Cultural Policy

Creative labour; ethical fashion; global youth cultures and cultural participation. 


  • Khan, R. (2016). Art in Community: The Provisional Citizen. London: Palgrave MacMillan 

Refereed journal articles: 

  • Khan, R. (forthcoming). ‘The global is a place: More-than-local networks and collective design communities at Aranya’. Continuum: Journal of Media and Cultural Studies.
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Book chapters:

  • Khan, R., (Forthcoming). ‘The limits of aspirational diversity, or why we need to talk about race in the arts’. In The Australian Art Field: Frictions and Futures. Eds. Bennett, T., and Stevenson, D. Melbourne University Publishing.  
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  • Khan, R., (2018). ‘Mobile Belonging and Migrant Youth in Australia’. Youth, Inequality and Social Change in the Global South. Eds. Cuervo, H., and Miranda, A. Springer.  

Recent funded projects examine ethical fashion networks in Asia, Indigenous art-making as a ‘living archive’, and multicultural youth in Australia. 

  • 2019. Australian Research Council, Discovery Indigenous Grant. AUD $490, 000 - ‘Indigenous storytelling and the Living Archive of Aboriginal Art’.  (Co-investigators: Jeanine Leane, Fran Edmonds, Kate Senior, Richard Chenhall, Gavan McCarthy, Sabra Thorner). 
  • 2019. Melbourne Engagement Grant. AUD $19,734 - ‘Digital citizenship and creative leadership: building capacity among multicultural youth’. 
  • 2018. Melbourne Engagement Grants, University of Melbourne. AUD $20 000. ‘A digital art archive for Indigenous knowledge systems: Developing a plan for an interactive digital art archive for Aboriginal artists’.  (Co-investigators: Richard Chenhall, Fran Edmonds).   
  • 2016. Melbourne Social Equity Institute. AUD $21 992. ‘The Role of Ethical Fashion in Preventing Violence Against Women in Bangladesh’. 
  •  2016. Australian Research Council Linkage Project. AUD $287, 873 - ‘Defining the status of culturally and linguistically diverse young people’. (Co-investigators: Audrey Yue, Johanna Wyn, Gavan McCarthy)
  • 2015. Early Career Research Scheme, University of Melbourne. AUD $14 089.  ‘Fashion Activism: From Ethical Consumption to Ethical Citizenship’. 
  • 2015. Melbourne Sustainable Society Institute. AUD $51 004.  ‘Cultural Pathways to Sustainability: Ecological Citizenship, Ethics of Transformation and Capacity-building’.  (Co-investigator, Prof. Audrey Yue) 

Industry engagements in the arts and cultural sector have included partnerships with VICE Media, Australia Council for the Arts, Creative Victoria, Centre for Multicultural Youth and Multicultural Youth Advocacy Network.

Prior to joining RMIT Vietnam, Rimi was a Senior Research Fellow at the School of Culture and Communication, University of Melbourne. She managed a number of major ARC research partnerships with arts and cultural organisations in the youth and media sectors.