Experience Day


11 Nov 2018


8am - 12pm


25 Nov 2018


8am - 12pm


Attend information sessions and challenge yourself in our free workshops
to find out what it’s like inside the classroom at RMIT.

The fold

Learn the fundamentals of folding techniques in the design process and how to apply it to your design project.

Drawing for design

Take the first steps to creating your own work of art with our quick and fun drawing exercises!

Create your own collage

Learn collage techniques and apply them to a graphic design project.

Make your own reality

Find out how designers use cutting-edge technology to create amazing augmented and virtual reality experiences.

Animate in 3D

Discover how designers are using 3D software in the disciplines of film, animation, gaming, virtual reality, augmented reality and more!

Create your style

Explore your own fashion styles and create a personal mood board to start the design process.

From catwalk to market

Get a taste for fashion marketing and learn how to connect your fashion products with customers.

Colour your world

Learn to manipulate colours using Adobe software to create a look and feel for your video clip.

Brand yourself!

Learn about the importance of self-branding in the modern economy and in the age of social media.

Brand personality

Connect your product with your audience, evoke emotions and see branding from a new perspective.

Get trendy on Google

Find out what is trending around the world and discover the power of Google Trends.

Filmmaking on your phone

Join our workshop and learn how to film and edit short video clips with apps on your mobile phone.

Write with flair

Explore your creative voice with writing exercises that will capture your most imaginative thoughts!

Social media

Interact, challenge yourself and learn fun new techniques to create engaging social media content.

Hack your memory

Use your creativity in a practical way by learning how to 'hack' your memory to memorise a list of items.

Lights, camera, action!

Got an idea and a camera? Learn how to construct the essential elements of a story in making short films.

Translate to connect

Discover how the fundamentals of translation can help you in shaping meaning when communicating across cultures.

Konnichiwa, Japan!

Test your knowledge of Japanese culture in a fun quiz and practise your Japanese as a famous animation character.

Think, speak, create!

Creativity is at the heart of every great innovation. Join this English workshop to learn new ways to reach your potential as an innovator.

English on Mars

Holidays to Mars may soon be a reality. So let our Martians show you how innovation, creativity and communication go hand in hand.

Explore your career paths

Join this motivating workshop to find a career path that matches your personality and skill set.

Overcome cultural gaps

Sharpen your intercultural skills and take the first steps to becoming a successful global citizen.

Talk show: 'Creative Futures'

Hear from our alumni and current students who are working in creative industries as they share their stories and advice.

Introduction about programs in the School of Communication & Design at RMIT

Information about admissions process at RMIT


See the creative works of our students at the annual 'Nexus' showcase: Stories and campaign ideas, film and digital technology, designs and visual displays.


Learn about life at RMIT from our current students, graduates, lecturers and advisors.

Meet lecturers: Get insight from our academics to help you choose the study areas that suit you.

Meet program advisors: Find out about admissions, as well as exchange and transfer opportunities.

Meet industry experts: Gain invaluable advice from experts in the industry.

Meet current students: Get insights into the dynamic learning environment at RMIT..