RMIT University is a member of the Tertiary Education Facility Managers Association (TEFMA). TEFMA collects data in 30 different categories from 57 education institutions in Australia, New Zealand and Hong Kong.

RMIT Vietnam continues to grow substantially each year, making it impossible to decrease overall energy and water consumption or services costs. However, the University can and does work to set performance targets on a per capita and/or square metre basis.

As a starting point for measuring the performance of facilities on the Saigon South Campus, RMIT Vietnam has chosen to benchmark against those categories that are most relevant to our current operations. The fields are:

  • energy consumption
  • water consumption
  • cleaning Costs
  • security costs
  • grounds maintenance costs
  • building operating costs

RMIT Vietnam has chosen to benchmark against a range of measures: the performance of RMIT University as a whole, the Australian mean average, and the Hong Kong mean average (as a relevant Asian based measure).  

Benchmarking has begun with the Saigon campus and will eventually include the Hanoi campus.

(As at April 2009.)