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Crime is not confined within national borders, and criminals are increasingly making connections around the world to commit serious organised crime and immigration crime.

Drug trafficking, people smuggling, human trafficking, money laundering, irregular border crossings, child sexual exploitation, corruption and foreign bribery: all of these crimes involve criminals working in networks and using sophisticated methods to secure enormous profits. These crimes disrupt national safety and security and present a significant burden and risk for international communities and economies.

In response, national law enforcement agencies (including police, border guards, customs and immigration) seek new techniques and partnerships to prevent, detect, investigate and disrupt cross-border criminals and their networks.

In simple words: criminals are working together, so law enforcement must also work together!

RMIT’s Transnational Security Centre (TSC) is a world-leading educational platform for emerging law enforcement leaders. Since 2005, RMIT’s TSC has provided a platform for police, immigration, border control and customs officials to connect, collaborate and strengthen responses to address transnational crime and the illicit movement of people and goods.

Our Milestones

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Our people

Phillip Dowler

Program Director

Anita Dodds

Program Manager

Anneka Farrington

Program Facilitator

Ha Nguyen

Administrative Coordinator

Ha Nguyen

Administrative Coordinator

Quynh Nguyen

Digital Design & Event Coordinator

Han Ly

Design Intern

My Nguyen

Administative Coordinator

My Nguyen

Administrative Coordinator

Nguyen Van Anh

Design intern

Our Partners

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What do our partners think?

‘We all know we cannot address transnational crime alone; we are strengthened by our partnerships, networks, connections and relationships. We need to fight together and that is what ARLEMP does.’ (AFP)
'Having delivered law enforcement training for over 10 years, I can honestly say the ARLEMP program stands out as amongst the best in terms of content, design and the support and mentoring the students receive.' (UNODC}
'BCAMP is the best program going in the Asia region.' (UK Immigration)
'I have never seen such a professional and effective program as ARLEMP. ARLEMP promotes intelligence sharing and also helps to raise future leaders and promote international cooperation which has a critical impact on combating international crime.' (German Federal Police)
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