Rooms & Fees

Rooms & Fees

Accommodation Type

Max No. Of Occupants


Single Apartment


Single bed in “studio style” apartment with bathroom. Combined sleeping and living area.

Twin Bed Apartment


Single bed, sharing a “studio style” apartment, including a bathroom with one other student. Combined sleeping and living area.

Three Bedroom Apartment


Private bedroom, with a single bed, in three bedroom apartment sharing a living room and one bathroom with two other students.

Five Bedroom Apartment


Private bedroom, with a single bed, in five bedroom apartment sharing a living room, dining room and two bathrooms with four other students.

Residential Centre - 2018 Rental fee - effective from Jan 2018

Apartment Type

Fee ( VND ) per student  One Semester Term (16 weeks)

Fee ( VND ) per student/4 weeks (start at 10th every month)

Single Unit



Twin Bed Unit



Three Bed Unit



Five Bed Unit




• The cost of utilities including electricity and water.

• Fully furnished apartment.

• Weekly service including a linen change (sheet and pillow case)

• In room wireless internet connection to the University intranet

• Wireless connectivity to printing facilities in the Printing Lab on level one

• Fully maintained telephone in every apartment for incoming and internal calls only.

• Fully air-conditioned.

• In room safety box.

Services and Facilities:

• On site University management presence 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

• Reading rooms and food preparation kitchens, with refrigerator, freezer, and microwave oven, electric cook top and rice cooker on every floor.

• Printing lab with wireless printer, five workstations with internet connection through the University intranet and English language software.

• Senior residents on every floor.

• Recreation room with television, access to board games and a pool table.

• External courtyard with outdoor seating and BBQ.

• Laundry room with washing machine, dryers, ironing board and iron

• External clothes drying area.

• Access to all the services and facilities available to students on the broader University campus, e.g. Food court, sports centre and playing fields.

Terms and Conditions:

• Fees represent a cost per student per bedroom in the nominated apartment type.

• Fees apply to all accommodation places for a semester term confirmed (with the payment of a security deposit and administration fee) between the published start date and end date of each semester intake, regardless of the arrival date.

• Available to both Higher Education and English Language students.

• Fees represent a cost inclusive of 10% VAT.

• All students are required to pay their full accommodation (with the payment of a security deposit and administration fee) in advance.

Security Deposit (Refundable) - 4,875,000 VND

The security deposit is payable when accepting the accommodation offer and held by the University as security over the full term of the tenancy agreement. Upon the successful completion of the full term of residence, the security deposit will be refunded less any charges for cleaning or maintenance identified at the departure inspection.

The security deposit will not be refunded if any of the terms and conditions outlined in the tenancy agreement is not fulfilled by the student whilst in residence or in the event of an early departure or a confirmed booking being is cancelled prior to arrival.

Administration Fee (Non Refundable) - 300,000 VND

The administration fee is payable when accepting the accommodation offer and is a non refundable fee charged by the University.

Residential Centre Intake Periods

Intake Period

Commence Date

Completion Date
One Semester Term - 16 weeks

Semester One 

14 February 

06 June 

Semester Two 

13 June 

03 October 

Semester Three 

10 October 

06 February