Textbook Loan Policy

Textbook Loan Policy


These terms and conditions set forth your rights and obligations. Please read them carefully before using the Service.

Borrowing rules

You must comply with the policies below:

  • Follow the schedules of distributing or collecting textbooks designed by the Textbook Facility.
  • Submit your ID card when borrowing textbooks and do not borrow on anyone else’s behalf or lend textbooks to another person.
  • Be personally responsible for any damage or loss of the received textbooks and other supplies. Therefore, please check materials’ condition before leaving the Counter.
  • Return within one week the textbooks of courses which you have dropped. Otherwise, the textbooks are considered lost and your deposit/ tuition fee will be automatically deducted.
  • Return the textbooks and other supplies by Friday of week 15. After that date, the overdue fee will be charged.
  • Be liable for the replacement fee in case the book is lost or not returned to the Textbook Facility by Friday of week 17.

Book conditions

Upon returning the books, the repair / replacement fee will be charged for any damage as follow:

  • Minor Damage (Repair fee)

There are light damages to the book covers (markings on the inside or outside, or portions ripped off), or to the pages (medium to large creases, tears, stains, writing, or liquid damage).

  • Major Damage (Replacement fee)

The cover is noticeably damaged or missing.

Or pages are stained, missing, illegible, or otherwise warped. 

Or there is heavy writing and/ or highlighting throughout the book.

Or any other conditions that make the book unusable, including exposure to chemicals, cleaning agents, perfumes or tobacco smoke, etc. that causes any noticeable odour.


  • Overdue fee = VND 5,000 per book per day (excluding weekends and holidays)
  • Repair fee = VND 100,000 per book
  • Replacement fee = Price of book (converted from USD/ AUD to VND) + Handling fee (VND 150,000) + Administrative fee (VND 50,000)