Student Complaint Policy

Student Complaint Policy

RMIT University is committed to ensuring that all students have a positive relationship with the university and its staff members.

With this in mind, the university:

  • recognises student and staff right to complain without recrimination
  • aims to ensure that complaints are resolved quickly and fairly.

The University also recognizes the rights of all parties to a complaint to privacy, confidentiality, and justice.

You can choose how you want to deal with a problem or issue when it arises. You can seek further information and assistance from the Student Services, or make a formal complaint as follows:

Stage 1: Speak to a staff member for a relevant area/issue. This can be done informally or in writing, or in some cases via an online form. Problems and issues are often resolved quickly at this stage.

Stage 2: Speak to the supervisor of the person with whom you have the grievance, the Program Manager, or the Manager in charge of the service you wish to complain about.

Stage 3: Lodge a formal complaint via RMIT Connect Online Portal to progress the matter.